Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine, better known as fake urine, is a lab-prepared, yellow-colored fluid created to mimic the properties of traditional urine made in the body. The fake urine liquid contains creatinine, yellow-coloring compounds, uric acid, and a boatload of chemicals. Together, these elements are present in normal urine that is made by the body. Therefore, this begs the question, why is fake urine important to companies and the average Joe? Read on to find out more.

1) Passing Drug Tests

Are you addicted to drugs and, more specifically, marijuana? Then synthetic urine is the product for you. Remember, the laboratory-engineered fluid helps people pass drug tests because of its striking resemblance to traditional urine. Thus, the fluid saves you from losing your job because of drug addiction.

More so, fake urine offers users a clear choice rescue cleanse, given that it bears a composition quite similar to that of human urine. Therefore, synthetic urine is the compound of choice for anyone trying to beat the drug test. After all, the chances of discovery in and out of the workplace are slim.  Here’s how you can learn making synthetic urine in your own home.

2) Alternative Medication

According to research, fake urine is a compound ideal for cosmetic and medicinal use. In actuality, physicians have found fake urine perfect for treating jellyfish bites. Even better, the product has proven itself effective in alleviating body pain caused by urchin stings. With that in mind, it would help if you bought yourself some urine. After all, synthetic urine would be perfect for your skin, given that it eliminates sunburns too.

3) Synthetic Urine Is the Perfect Tool for Learning

Have you heard about the urinalysis test? It is a technique used to detect diabetes and kidney disease by examining human urine. Unfortunately, traditional urine has a short shelf life.

Even worse, medical schools find themselves in short supply of the product. They then turn to artificial urine for help. Fortunately, the compound is always the best substitute in such instances.

4) Product Testing

Companies today are more innovative than ever before. As a result, they have created diapers to make lives more comfortable. Unfortunately, the napkin production process is full of flaws. Nonetheless, most organizations only release their products for consumption after testing.

Luckily, synthetic urine helps them achieve the best results. Recall, the compound is always sufficient in supply. Even better, fake urine is more stable than traditional urine. Therefore, the fluid helps manufacturers test napkins in a controlled environment.

5) Scientific Use

Scientific experts have established that synthetic urine contains a secret yet consistent formula. With that in mind, artificial urine becomes the best sample for urinalysis studies. After all, the fluid is ideal in testing a full range of diseases.

Most importantly, fake urine has a long shelf life and is easy to transport. From the look of things, synthetic urine is a marvel to the world. It helps people beat drug tests and lead healthier lives.

Above all, the fluid empowers diaper companies to produce the best items. Therefore, fake urine is a compound the world needs to embrace. After all, it offers numerous advantages the world can no longer overlook.