Working as a traveling nurse has become an attractive option for nurses around the world. The prospect of continuing your career while seeing the world at the same time sounds pretty attractive, but the traveling nurse’s life isn’t for everyone. Here are a few things to consider before you become a traveling nurse.

What is a traveling nurse?
A traveling nurse is a registered nurse who works for an agency. The nurse will be on assignment in different areas of the world, bridging an employment gap ]for a short period of time. Traveling nurses first became a professional option in a time when the nation faced shortages on medical staff while there was a need for patient care. 

In a bid to bring in qualified nurses, some healthcare facilities offered to pay higher salaries to anyone willing to fill the position, even if it meant relocating. The perks of higher pay and traveling bring nurses to this field.

What level of education do traveling nurses need?
To become a traveling nurse, you need to be educated in nursing with at least a two- or four-year degree from a university. A bachelor's degree isn’t necessarily mandatory for a traveling nurse, but some hospitals or clinics will only hire someone with a BSN. The more education you have under your belt, the better your chances will be.

After completing a recognized nursing program, you’ll need to take up the NCLEX-RN for licensing to become a traveling nurse. Agencies primarily want nurses who have also had at least a year’s experience in the field. If you’re planning to become an international traveling nurse, you’ll need to study a few extra languages, too.

Sign up with a staffing agency
A staffing agency is in charge of connecting available nurses to open jobs. It’s extremely difficult for nurses to land jobs on their own. A nurse needs an agency in order to be able to get work.

There are many agencies available all over the U.S. Companies like Fusion Medical Staffing agency are a good example of key players who have made the traveling nurse industry a good employment option.

Try a recruiter
If you’re just starting out, you may not have much luck getting into agencies. In that case, a recruiter can help. As you search for a recruiter, don’t call the first number that pops up on a Google search. Do some extra research to make sure you find a qualified and trustworthy recruiter.

Get a travel coach
A travel coach is a smart choice for a new traveling nurse. This coach can help you learn what to expect on the job. Travel coaches will help you know how to deal with culture shock and new countries. They’ll also teach you how to remain professional in new environments.

Becoming a traveling nurse is a great career option. And by following these steps, you enjoy both business and leisure in one job.