Source - Unsplash - Samantha Gades

Although we would all rather this awful and unexpected situation hadn’t happened, there will inevitably be some good things to come from it, and plenty of transformation. Businesses, employees, and management have been forced to become more creative and innovative when it comes to working around new problems.

The office, in particular, will be a transformed space. Our working behavior has changed, and offices will need to adapt to the new post-pandemic world. Let’s take a look at five office innovations that will take over when the pandemic subsides:

Technology Will Be Even More Central

Home offices serviced and virtual offices, coffee shop meetings, and walking conference calls are all linked with technology. You can work anywhere and with anyone, so long as you have the right technology.

In the future, we will not see these amazing technologies as a replacement for face to face meetings. Instead, they will become key to agile working styles, with tech-driven communication taking pride of place in many offices. There is a need for a workplace where anyone cannot disturb during work like the Insulated garden office. The versatility and practical nature of these garden offices are quite impressive. Garden Office provides your comfort in any weather.

Alternatives To Commuting Are Key

The commute steals time from the family, from the business, and from life. After the pandemic, bosses will utilize various innovations to enable employees to work from home or get to work differently, with hired bikes or car shares. The commute as we know it will be over, and flexible work and travel arrangements will be more commonplace.

Hot Desks For Everyone

Hot desks have been around for a while for freelancers, but the agile revolution has made them an attractive option in more and more offices. Managers are getting rid of dedicated desks and offering a variety of spaces for staff to use as they see fit. This gives staff the autonomy to work as they need to, and it may also extend to comfy breakout areas, outdoor meeting areas, standing desks, and plenty of collaboration spaces.

Biophilia For Natural Benefits

Biophilia is huge in office design and the trend is only having a break whilst we are all on lockdown. Offices of the future will all feature, as a bare minimum, a selection of office plants to bring nature into the workplace.

Perhaps you have already chosen some plants to keep you company at home whilst you work? As the trend towards greenery continues to grow in decor and design, it can’t help but expand into our working lives.

When offices truly become invested in biophilia, you can expect to see all kinds of interesting things. Living walls, propagation stations, shelving with plants and grow-lights, ornamental monstera and ferns, and plenty of hanging planters dangling gorgeous foliage to break up stuffy corporate areas.

Healthy Features To Nurture Worker Wellbeing

Working at home, most of us have been able to tend to our physical and emotional needs more proficiently. Sitting in the Office with a herbal tea mid-morning, taking a shower to steam away the stress of a tense conference call, making an artisanal coffee without spending £5 every time.

Offices of the future will see these kinds of warm and welcoming features integrated into the workplace. The following health and wellbeing features are likely to start popping up in many corporate spaces:
  • Nap rooms
  • Showers
  • Free coffee, tea, water, and fruit
  • Access to mindfulness apps and software
  • Local gym passes and memberships
The world will be different after this difficult situation, and the office will be just a small part of that transformation. It is a scary time, but businesses that survive will do so by being stronger and by embracing innovations in the aftermath, hopefully, for the better.