Wedding planning is one of life's most severe yet exciting works. I have seen people who do not plan their weddings, and ultimately, when they marry, they get into a thorny issue. The only problem with weddings is the critical ideas and people’s views about the arrangements.

I personally do not think that a bride or groom must think about people when they are getting married, and especially while planning their wedding, because when they are in trouble, such as when they need to change the date postcards, no one is going to come and help them, so why we ought to worry about them?

The only thing to worry about is you and your pleasures; if you want simple and elegant marriage, then you must plan. Accordingly, it must not be thought that people will enjoy; your wedding day is your big day, so be very cautious; otherwise, after your marriage, you will believe that all that struggle and drama was only for people and not for you, your groom.

I don’t mind recommending that people can also mention their wedding cards as they were eloping announcements, which they are, you are to start a new life and elope from the past.

Here in this article, we will see what brides must do when planning their weddings. I have mentioned only the most essential things; however, according to each culture, there will be different traditions which each bride has to follow, so you can add some of your choices to the checklist for making your big day a wonderfully fantastic day.

1. The initial

The initial things for a great wedding are without a fixed date, which is to be set almost 8 months before the marriage. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform your tasks with a calm and poised attitude. When you have fixed the date, you will have to contact the venues; these are essentially the initial parts of your wedding. You and your groom must decide together.

2. The second essential

Now, when it is 4 months left, you will have to decide on your dress and make the guest list. Once you have completed the guest list, you must contact the card postcard makers and design your wedding invitations.

Another essential thing for brides is their fitness routine; almost six months before your marriage, you must follow a strict fitness routine to be happy with your bride because a healthy life is a happy life.

Lastly, regarding the skincare routine, you must get a good skincare routine followed up by the advice of a professional dermatologist. Otherwise, you will not glow on your wedding day. Both the fitness and beauty routines will work together to make the best version of you.

3. The guest arrivals

Two months before your wedding, you must check on almost three to five affordable hotels which will entertain your guests. If you want them to know where you will be keeping them, then mention it on the card.

Contact the beauty parlour, where you will have various appointments for your hair and makeup, deice a look which will look best with your dress.

4. The food

Decide the wedding cake or any other food items you must have. Contact the food catering service providers and ask them about some new and exotic dishes; many people think it will be expensive. Still, such things are relatively inexpensive, making your wedding remarkable.