Checklist to Plan Your Wedding

Planning for your wedding should ideally start at least nine months before your wedding date. This will give you plenty of time to think through things and prepare for the unexpected so that your big day can be as memorable as you may want it to be. Here are a few things that you can include in your wedding planning checklist:

Create a wedding folder

The first step is to start drawing inspiration for your wedding from bridal, fashion, lifestyle, design, food, and even gardening magazines. Cut out whatever seems useful and informative and start filing them in your wedding folder.

Prepare your wedding budget

This is probably the most important of your wedding planning steps. It will tell you how much money you can spend for your wedding, based on the contributions from you and your family.
Make your guest list

Identifying the number of people who will be attending your wedding is very important for planning your wedding efficiently. Get ready with a head count database with columns for contact details, gifts, and RSVPs. You might want to keep it small if you wish to keep your costs low.

Start delegating responsibilities

Planning your wedding and doing all the preparations by yourself might seem good; but it is not always feasible. The ideal way would be to hire a wedding planner who would already have established a network with various vendors. But if you can’t afford one, make a list of your close friends and family members who can take over responsibilities of preparing for the wedding. Make note of the tasks that you can delegate to each one of them and find out if they are okay with it.

Start venue shopping

Deciding on the right venue is very important in wedding planning. In case you are planning to have separate venues for the wedding ceremony and the reception, make sure you consider the travel time between these two locations. If you are planning for a destination wedding, it would be better to book your dates after checking with the venues you have in mind. Find out when you are likely to get best deals on travel and accommodation. You may want to book accommodation for your guest in advance, to save money.

Book vendors

Wedding planning definitely involves the participation of florists, photographers, caterers, and maybe even bands. Start researching on these and collecting their contact information. To start with you can check for wedding photographers on Go through their ratings and reviews, talk to a few clients of theirs, and make sure you choose the best. Once you decide on the vendors and meet up with them, make sure they can accommodate your requirements at the pricing you are comfortable with.

Purchase the dresses and the rings

You may not want to go for a Veil right away. But you have to schedule time for your dress fittings. Make time for at least three such fittings until you get the perfect dress you want to wear for your wedding. Make sure you place orders for your bridesmaids’ dresses too. Once you do that it is times to purchase the rings and get them engraved.

Start sending out invitations

Although internet has made it very easy to have a paper-less wedding, there are many who would love to hold a wedding card in their hand. If you belong to this list of people you might have to budget accordingly. See if you want to hire a calligrapher or get the invitations printed.

The only steps pending now are mainly ordering the cake and packing up for your honeymoon. Enjoy your bachelorette party with your girlfriends and make sure you have a gala time at your wedding.