Nuts are enchanting. People love nuts. From the old to young, nuts have so much to offer. Nuts can be eaten in a myriad of ways. From snacks, peanut butter cookies, to desserts, you can have a variety of ways to take nuts. Nuts come with a lot of health benefits. This article contains the top benefits of taking nuts. Keep reading.

Nuts are highly rich in fat and calories. However, it’s important to note that the fats are primarily monounsaturated, meaning that they’re “good fats”. Since these fats are naturally occurring, they don’t pose serious health risks as saturated fats. Instead, they play a significant role in lowering your cholesterol and regulating your blood sugar.

The high-calorie content is balanced out by the protein count these nuts provide per serving. Consuming a small handful of nuts at least three times a week can boost your health in different ways. And these include reducing your risk of heart disease, lowering bad cholesterol, aiding weight loss, and helping you feel full. In addition, nuts have been shown to be a great source of fiber and provide powerful antioxidant properties as well. 

Even more, nuts are integral to most popular diets, including ketogenic and Paleolithic diets. Keep reading to learn more health benefits offered by different types of nuts.


Almonds are some of the most popular nuts. They’re usually consumed when raw or roasted. You may want to eat them plain, blend them into almond butter or incorporate them into salads. Almonds are usually sold with the sell removed. And this makes them an easy, healthy, as well as a delicious snack.

While almonds are highly rich in calories, the body doesn’t usually absorb about 10 percent of these calories because the fats are extremely hard to break down. If you've diabetes, the high unsaturated fats contained in almonds can be beneficial to you. This is because foods with low carbohydrates but high fiber, protein, and fat content have the potential to prevent blood clots. Even more, almonds are considered as a “superfood” due to their rich concentration of vitamins plus minerals.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts originated in the tropical forests of Brazil (Peru and Bolivia). They’re big and smooth with dark brown skin. They’ve been proven to have great benefits for the hair and skin.

They comprise of numerous valuable nutrients, including vitamins A and E, as well as powerful antioxidants. But one of the most unique health benefits offered by the Brazil nuts is their high content of selenium. Essentially, selenium increases the body’s metabolism and also protects it from cell damage.


Cashews are small and light brown in color. They’re widely grown in subtropical climates and have a sweet taste that makes them suitable for consuming raw and roasted.

These nuts have the ability to improve vision. They feature high amounts of lutein, antioxidants, as well as zeaxanthin that prevent damage to the macula. Besides, the antioxidants help in reflecting UV rays away from your eyes, hence reducing the risk of light damage.


Hazelnuts are commonly utilized as a flavoring in coffee or chocolate. However, they can also make an incredible addition to a well-balanced diet. These small, circular nuts are also referred to as ‘fiber nuts’ and have a unique taste that brings a sweet flavor to any dish. Plus, hazelnuts can be used to make sweet kolache. Thus, if you are so much into kolaches, then you can look for these nuts and get the right recipe. 

The Bottom-Line

The above are the common benefits of taking nuts. From giving you enough calories to helping your body with fats, nuts have so much to offer. Gran your nut cookie and enjoy these benefits.