Home Renovation Project

You can add style and beauty to each room in your house with wall and floor tiles that are a combination of practicality and style. Tiles are available in various shapes, materials, patterns, styles and colours. Whether you’re using them for an entire room, or just adding a single feature wall or a decorative border, you can find the perfect tiles for creating a modern and beautiful aesthetic look and here is why. 

Tiles Are Perfect For Adding Luxury To Your Home

Modern Kitchen Splashback Tiles can provide an instant wow factor with prolonged results. For instance, adding stunning slate-effect porcelain tiles to the hallway of your home can instantly spruce up the look and give it a modern appearance. Choosing a brown or grey colour can look both inviting and will blend in nicely with the rest of the home.

Tiles Are Easily Cleaned

Maintaining everything in a home is essential, and fortunately, tiles can look amazing for years. Whether you choose porcelain or ceramic, very little effort is required for cleaning them and have them look spotless. 

The Season’s Geometric Trend Can Be Implemented

Your living room is the soul of the home and must enjoy centre stage when it comes to paying attention to detail. You can incorporate stunning shapes into your house with geometric porcelain tiling. These tiles are hardwearing and by introducing this cubed patterned style to your living room you can obtain a seamless look and personality. It’s always better to opt for professional installation of any tiling job, however, if you’re doing it yourself, make sure tiles are level. Have you ever wondered about what is a tile levelling system? It’s worth looking into such a system before attempting any tiling job yourself. 

Adding Style With Beautiful Patterns

The bathroom is one of the most private spaces and ideally, we want to have a fully functional space but also one that we can use as a peaceful sanctuary. Tiles are perfect for providing both functionality and style. Can get Mosaic tile is any combination of tile sizes, colours, shapes and/or materials from the House of Mosaics.  Patterned tiles work especially well in bathrooms.

Larger Tiles Are Ideal For Creating A Feeling Of Space

Bedrooms are our personal havens – a space where we can relax and unwind, and where we enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. It is key to create a clutter-free and seamless appearance, giving your bedroom that element of luxury that you can enjoy for years to come. Natural stone finishes, for instance, multi-coloured slate is ultra-thin and can be moulded into any shape. They are perfect for bedroom walls and is ideal for complementing a modern, rich and sleek room style. They can generate a beautiful focal point. Larger tiling makes a room look larger and have fewer grout lines. Great accessories include soft furnishings, with chunky knits, metallics and faux fur. 

Hexagonal Tiles For Versatility

Trendy hexagonal tiles can assist with achieving a noticeable look in your home. Hexagonal tiling works best in spacious, light-filled and modern spaces, for instance, the kitchen. Black, white and grey tiles work well together and add character to any kitchen.

Using Tiles For Other Decorative Projects

Tiles look stunning when you use them in other decorative areas, for instance, framing a mirror or tiling the top of a table.