Kids To Daycare

One of the biggest and earliest decisions that you'll have to make as a parent has to do with whether or not it's about time to send your little one to daycare.

Truth be told, no one formula applies to all children as to when it's the best time to send them to daycare. This choice is entirely your call. But, while the timeline isn't going to be the same for all children, there are telltale signs that can help you determine whether or not your child is, in fact, ready to attend a daycare, such as SolBe Learning: Chestnut Hill Daycare.

That said, here are some pointers that would help you make a more informed choice.

What Is A Day Care?

Daycare differs from preschool, such that daycare usually comes before preschool. It is a platform where young kids hone their socialization skills and are learning through play. Often, this is that year level that comes before nursery. 

In today's day and age, daycares are becoming even more popular and in-demand because more and more parents feel the need to enrol their kids in these institutions. Some have to go back to work after dropping their kids to daycare, with no other person to leave their child to. Others, on the one hand. may need that helping hand to have some time for themselves or even run errands.

Most parents generally send their kids to daycare starting from the age of eight months. Then, this continues until a formal nursery education at three years old.

The Timeline

There's no universal timeline as to when it's the right time for you to send your child to daycare. But, there are underlying factors that can help make this choice easier for you to make. As each child is different, you may also have to consider how your child sits with the various readiness considerations for daycare. 

Here are some of these considerations that can help you create the said timeline for your child:

Consider The Habits And Routines Of Your Child

Young children, most notably, are creatures of habit. To keep your young child going through the day well, the recommendation is always to have a routine. Hence, once you've established this, you also need to consider whether or not your child can handle daycare without the need for a lot of adjustment. Else, if you force it too much even when you know that, currently, daycare may not be the best thing for your child, then, you're also the one to suffer the consequences of an unsettled kid.

Certain facets of habit that you have to consider are the following:

Whether or not your child is still breastfeeding, then, you'll need to prepare the milk beforehand so your child can drink it anytime they please

Whether or not your kid is used to being picked up immediately once they whimper or show signs of discomfort, as the practice at the daycare may be different

Need For Interaction

If you're working from home or if work isn't the main reason for deciding on sending your child to daycare, then, also take note of the amount of interaction that your child needs. When you work from home, for instance, and the child also has other siblings to interact with, then, sending your kid to daycare right now might not necessarily be needed. You might want to delay it until all the other siblings are also busy with preschool, or if you know that your kid isn't getting any form of interaction at all by staying home.

Ability To Adjust

Children have varying adjustment abilities. Generally, the younger the child is, the harder this process becomes. Then, there is also that period in your child's developmental growth that is considered as a growth spurt. It's during this time that your kid will also be extra clingy with you. Hence, you may want to avoid sending your child to daycare around this period as they'll only be in a lot of discomfort.

As the primary caregiver of your kid, you're also the best person who can ascertain the ability of your kid to adjust. 

After going through all these considerations as to when it’s the right time to send your kid to daycare, you may want to use this timeline maker to help you be more organized. This is particularly of help when you’re taking care of multiple children.


As the parent of your kid, naturally, you know what's best for them. Then, add to that knowledge the tips above that, hopefully, cleared up the doubts and answered the questions you have in mind. Now, you can make a better decision as to whether or not it is time to send your kid to daycare.