Roku App's

During their free time, not everyone is granted with so much energy to go out and socialize with other people. Instead of grabbing drinks outside, some people would rather stay at home. They could lie in the comfort of their beds while watching their favorite movies or TV shows.

Staying indoors and watch television is not such a bad idea, although it could be a bit frustrating, mostly when you misplaced your remote control. This is why there are numerous applications, like the Roku app is created. To help people manage their devices more conveniently. Speaking about convenience, let's make a shortlist of the few ways it could best help us. Besides this article, you can also check out the roku app to know more about it.

Take Control

The Roku application is created for both iOS and Android users who want to transform their smartphones into the best partner for an excellent viewing experience. Since this serves as a mobile remote control, it still allows you to take total control of everything, just like the physical remote can.

It is not only that you can control your Roku Tv with this app, but you can also access the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Player. Same as the traditional remote, the instant replay, back/forward, pause/play, and the option buttons are available. Not to mention the virtual keyboard, which is more efficient for quicker text entry.

Connect To Bigger Screen

If you are not satisfied with watching your videos and photos or listening to music from your smartphone, this application will also allow you to share those special moments on a bigger screen, which is making it more comfortable and fun for its users.

Once your smartphone and your Roku device are connected on the same wireless network and have successfully logged in, you may start enjoying this feature. This also offers other languages like Spanish and French and is also available to other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Honduras, Columbia, Chile, Peru, France, Ireland, Mexico, and many more.

Voice Search

Roku was able to develop an internal voice control system. They are allowing its users to open an application like YouTube and many more without the need to do the usual typing task, saving them more time and effort. Even though the keyboard is still available, some people would instead use the voice search option.

Aside from using the voice search to look for TV shows or movies, but it can also be of help to launch some chosen applications. It also lets you navigate your home page, making it more manageable.

Manage Multiple Devices

One of the best features this application showcases is the management; it allows the user for all its Roku devices one at a time. You only need to switch or assign the device that you wish to control.

Click the "Settings" button at the bottom right of your application. It will launch another page where you can see the Roku device the mobile app is connected. Tap "Switch Roku Device" to switch to a different device, and it will then show you other Roku devices that are available. Choose the image of your chosen device, and it will give you a confirmation that you have successfully linked the device.


There are many applications today that are created to help make things, even more, easier and handy for us, just like the Roku app. It helps in the most straightforward way possible, allowing us to be still able to manage our devices during times when our physical remote control is not available. This kind of application is always available; however, it requires a bit of familiarity to navigate it well.