What is a convertible fridge?

The central concept behind a convertible refrigerator is its ability to regulate both of its main components — the fridge (whose temperature is between 2 to 5 degrees Celsius) and the freezer (a second smaller unit whose temperature is between -15 and -23 degrees Celsius). With a convertible fridge, you can change the temperature and humidity setting of one or both of these units. 

What can you do with a convertible fridge?

With a convertible fridge, you can turn off the fridge while only keeping the freezer active. Or you can create more refrigerator space by setting your freezer’s temperature settings to match that of your fridge. All of the best refrigerator brand in India have put out a range of convertible fridges with different settings regarding temperature control. 

There are some broad similarities between these temperature settings. Here’s how convertible fridges help you store food in your fridge for longer.
  • Vacation Mode: During the occasions where you are not home for long periods of time like a vacation, your hefty double door fridge is just an added strain in your electrical bill. Turning it off may not be an option as there are certain foods you want to store until when you return.
    • You can easily set your convertible double door fridge to ‘vacation mode,’ available in certain models. When activated, this mode allows only the freezer compartment to run, while the bigger refrigerator compartment is shut. This way you can store all essential food in your freezer, without consuming excess power.
  • Seasonal Modes: Another benefit of convertible fridges is that during extremely hot or cold weather, their temperature can be adjusted to store more food for longer. You can use a ‘summer mode’ that allows your fridge to work at peak capacity.
    • This way you do not need to relegate all vegetables to your freezer, and you get much more storage space. During the winters when the weather is already sufficiently cool, you can opt for a seasonal mode where your freezer is switched off as your refrigerator can handle the strain of keeping all your food cool.
  • Vegetable Storage Mode: Freezers sometimes run the risk of adding frost to vegetables. If you buy vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, and carrots in bulk, they can easily occupy a lot of space in your fridge.
    • How can you make more storage space for these veggies? By turning your freezer into a fridge using a convertible fridge’s ‘veg storage’ mode. This mode essentially turns your entire fridge into a single unit, instead of two units with separate temperatures. Now you have a huge drawer's worth of space to store all your fruits and vegetables in the long run.
  • Super-chill Mode: If you are in need of instant ice for a party or to add to beverages during scorching summers, the super chill mode is your best bet. With the super-chill mode, both the freezer and fridge run at their maximum capacity.
    • You get faster cooling and more ice with this mode. With this mode, you can freeze foods you want to save for later like leftovers you don’t want to throw away. Additionally, both freezer and fridge can be used to store more delicate food items like meat and dairy.


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