Introduction to Python language

Python language

The best promising language for 2020 is Python. It is one of the best languages used in web development, and now it is stable for machine learning & AI. As per the survey, it has been recognized that Python is used to develop approximately 30% of web apps in which Java & js are used as frontend languages. Read more about what is machine learning? The Python Institute offers the following independent and vendor-neutral Python Certification in Python Programming: PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (Entry Level, provided via OpenEDG Testing Service). You will definitely learn about various concepts such as test lambda function.

Frameworks of Python

  • CherryPy: It is a micro-framework structure of Python that can be object-oriented & open source; it follows a minimalistic type approach. There is no requirement for Apache server addition to run deployed-based apps.
  • Flask: It is also a micro-framework structure. There is a requirement for the Jinja2 template & Werkzeug WSGI named toolkit.
  • Bottle: It is a micro-framework structure. This will help in designing a single file for each app. There is no dependency on crafting small applications for the web.
  • Django: It is a Full-stack structure. It is referred to as the most common framework for web development. It has an open-source and user-friendly structure, along with several other features.

Pyramid: The main objective is to improve minimalistic complexity. It can work with equality in a specific investment of time. Different resources are available as per the need. 

Features of Python language

Features of Python language

  1. Modules based on the third party: The Python package named PyPI allows the individual to interact with different languages. The process of development becomes easy because of third-party involvement.
  2. Robust: It is a robust or secure language. On social media, it is difficult to secure the data. In this case, Python helps maintain security and remove the risk of harm.
  3. Friendly to a user: Python is a programming-based language. It mainly comprises the structure of inbuilt dictionary data, which helps design a data structure.
  4. Scalable: For every business, there is a need to achieve success & maintain a position within the market. Python ensures this scalability, helping a company gain success. It survives with obstacles and maintains quality.
  5. Productivity is high: Python follows the concept of Oops to generate processes and several types of testing. These are essential features to enhance the development of productivity & speed.
  6. Prototypes and MVPs: Developers can design an MVP with Python or several prototypes. This language is ideal for developing proofs of prototype concepts.
  7. Designed for IoT: In the present era, all individuals' lives depend on the internet or internet-based things. Python provides several opportunities for programmers to enhance their skills and to design several games, phones, etc.
  8. Open-source: It is a free language. Users do not have to pay any cost for any module or library. Some IDEs can be defined as Spyder Python, Eclipse, etc.
  9. Budget-friendly: this language suits the enterprise in terms of budget. It permits rapid development; the coding requirement is less than C++, PHP, etc.

Python language used by top-notched companies


Some engineers stated that Python permits developers to sort out the trouble of program complexity, the same as the WAS without bogged language. NASA used Python frameworks for robot development along with machine learning. The best example is Sofia.


Python is also used by Netflix for enhancing the security terms & solving the ambiguity problem. Developers of Netflix can create code in any language as they select Python because of its features gateway. 


Some Facebook codes are written in Python. This is a media that connects billions of people by web applications. Initially, the codes were written in C++ or PHP, but developers used this after seeing the benefits of Python. The cost of starting using ration becomes effective because of Python technology. Python is responsible for providing several services that are time in infrastructure-based management. If you want to know more about the angular vs. react framework, click here.

Some other companies that use Python


Quora is a platform for several questions, along with their answers, in which the crowd asks any question. The developer of the Quora website thought about designing something that attracts users and engages them in a user-friendly manner. After several meetings with their expert developers, they decidedd and analyzed that the website could be designed using C++, Python & Java. The developer doesn't want to be obligated by Microsoft in the future, so the developer decides not to use C++. Rather than this, writing java codes is difficult & consumes much time, so the developer chooses to write codes in Python. Hence, the developer of Quora decides to follow in the footsteps of Google to generate writing & reading simplicity. 


Goggle gained high support from Python. Earlier, the codes are written in C++ for Google to maintain control over memory. Python is mainly famous for the maintainer aspect easily and delivers the codes effectively. Java and C++ are considered for production deployment, whereas Python is regarded as the official language of Google's server side.


It uses the framework named Django to run the application. The Instagram developer defines that they select Python to design the codes of Instagram as it ruins with simplicity & practical aspects. Instagram codes are based on Python language moved from Python to Python 3 languages. 

Summing up

Different other sectors, like Spotify, DropBox, etc., use Python to make their application simple & user-friendly. Python also affects the space, Aeronautics & hospitality sectors. To cover up the market for Python is massive. Mtoag is a leading mobile & website development company in the USA, focusing on iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.