Best Fashion Tips

Every teenage guy wants to be cool and stylish in the best phase of his life. All guys put much effort and try different latest trending fashion style to look their best. But most of them think that to look super cool and stylish they have to spend good money on expensive clothes.

This is not entirely true as there are many practical and inexpensive ways that can help to add more style statements to your overall look. Clothing says a lot about your personality and thus it is important to choose the right idol to get the right kind of dressing inspiration.

In the current time, many teenagers are admiring KPOP fashion sense which most of the guys can pull off on a daily basis. There are many EXO merchandise online shop that offers high-quality bts merchandise online and KPOP merchandise online at the best price.

However, to make your task easy, here we bring you some of the best and cool fashion tips that can be easily followed by every teen guy.

1. Sleeve Length

Sleeve length can make a huge difference in impacting your overall look. You cannot look super cool by wearing full sleeves as they give a quite formal look. Plus, wearing a completely sleeveless or very short sleeve length shirt will also not do the right work for enhancing your look.

The key is to keep the length of your sleeves optimal enough to partially show your biceps. There is not even any need to keep the sleeves perfectly fit and tight on your biceps. It will definitely help to bring out the best teenage spirit in a very cool way.

2. Avoid Complex Graphics

The market is loaded with many different kinds of t-shirts designed with complex graphics. Cool graphics works well only when you are going to a pop concert otherwise, for a regular cool look, you should always avoid them.

This is because complex graphics mostly gives a very rugged look and that cannot help you in looking cool. For a cool and styling teenager look, you must choose clean shirts with rich and bright hues. However, simple and minimal graphics can work well for different body types.

3. Avoid Repetitive Patterns

Repetitive patterns have become quite common and you can easily find them on various undercuts, shorts, and polo shirts. Those small and similar kinds of patterns spread all over the shirts look really awkward. Many teenage boys make the mistake of wearing these types of clothes without realizing that they do more damage to their personalities.

If you want to look cool and smart then start avoiding those repetitive patterns. This will help you to stay away from that timely stereotype look.

4. Be Careful With Accessories

No doubt, accessories are the most important part of a cool teenager look. Accessories look really cool but you need to be very careful with the selection of the right type of accessory. Many teenagers love to wear wristbands and bracelets but do remember to not overdo it.

Your every accessory should be quite eye-catching and must compliment your overall look and dressing style. The key is to pick accessories that do not draw much attention but simply add more details to your complete style.

On The Ending Look

Another best thing that you can follow to look super cool is to dress similarly like a super cool and a trending teenage rock star. You can follow any Hollywood teenage star boy or just simply buying KPOP merchandise online will also do the job for you.