Installing an outdoor water fountain in your garden indeed is an add-on to its presentation. It brings a lot of positive impression among the passersby. This will even print a thousand words in their mind, about the social status of the homeowner.

However, it is very notable that there will always be a bad side in everything. It also goes through with outdoor water fountains.


· Healthy atmosphere of the garden - Having outdoor water fountains in your garden will improve the quality of air within the garden. It eliminates the dust that comes from the outside walls and the pollution that comes with it. These are all requirements of a healthier atmosphere.

· Increase the property value of the house - Another advantage of landscaping and installing water fountains or other water features in your garden is that, it increases your properties value. Prospect buyers will be not hesitate to take on your offer, because, they have the good impression of the property.

· Provides a relaxing environment - It can provide you with a great escape from the heat of the sun, thus saving more money from air-conditioning system. The air and atmosphere besides the water fountains is colder than those outside your perimeter.

· Maintain humidity within the area - It also prevents dry air in the area. It means humidity is maintained and it is good for the plants and other living organisms within.

· Feeling of nature - There is no other substitute to the sound of water flowing or dropping caused by these water features.


· Not an investment - These development in your garden cannot be considered as an investments, because, it does not earn you money. In fact, it is a liability, because, you continue to spend for its maintenance.

· Additional expense - Operating an outdoor water fountain will be costly, considering the power consumption it takes. It all depends on the frequency of usage and the power of the motor. So, be prepared to allocate extra budget for this.

· Requires logistics to operate - You will need additional manpower for the upkeep of the garden and the water fountain itself. Another additional finances as you need to pay for the person in-charge.

Outdoor water fountains and other water features will definitely contribute to your gardens beauty, but, unless you are financially sound, just defer your plans, until the time that you are able.

Water Features - What Are They For?

Water features are essential part of every open space in your homes. How large maybe the area is, there is a design that will fit your kind of space. Installing one in your garden, for whatever purpose will definitely add value to it. So, before you decide on installing one, think exactly what you want.

Types Of Water Features For Your Garden

1. Natural Pools - This feature is the most popular among the homeowners, involving basic landscape, with lining in the ground. It is usually fitted with filtration systems and water pumps that allow water to circulate. It is simple to install and the pond can be adjusted to your requirement. Just be aware of the possible leaks in the liner and make sure that your pond is free of algae.

2. Wall Fountain - When there is a space concern, wall fountains are the best options. It is installed vertically, where a basin catches the water and circulated back to the top using a water pump. A pair of tube is usually hidden beneath the falling water.

3. Container Ponds - This is also a good option for smaller area. This requires a small container, about 3 feet and cut in half. You can put small fish or plastic water lilies in it, to look natural. Installation of container ponds does not require digging.

4. Streams - This water feature is good for a large area. It is often installed from the upper level and runs through a man-made stream that usually end up to a lower level feature as a waterfall. This is good for multi-level landscapes and you can be creative with this type. You can add decorative rocks and grasses as decorations.

For all these types of water features, you will need a water pump to allow circulation of water. This is important to get rid of the different insects that are habitats of stagnant or still waters. Make sure also that your filtering system is adequate enough to handle the necessary task of cleaning the water.

Common Factors That This Water Features Shares

· Consume electricity - To operate these water features, motor is needed and consumption will depend on the power of the motor and its usage.

· Require proper maintenance, to make its life span longer - They all need a working filtering system to clean their ponds of algae.

· Add economic value to the property - Ones these water features are installed, the resell value of the property increases.