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Communication is the key to success as we have all heard. Effective communication can resolve many issues that managers face in routine matters on a daily basis. Communication is something that does not just feel good, but it also shows effective and efficient results.

Better communication can solve or decrease many problems that may grow and create bigger issues later. Problems such as absenteeism, misunderstanding, turnover and frustration et cetera. 

To initiate and retain proper communication in all of the organization ones can follow the steps elaborated below:

Establish Trust At Start

For the employees to communicate with the authority better, trust is a very necessary ingredient. People will open up once they know that the person sitting next to them can be relied upon. If there is no trust there will be no better communication. And if the communication is good without trust it will not be honest. 

If one shows empathy and tries to help those around him/herself communication will be achieved automatically. People normally open up to those who they think they can trust in. A huge number of the population believes still that their boss is someone they should not trust. However, one can change the beliefs by behavioral changes and by helping them out in the hour of need.

Introduce Communication Sessions

What does a good psychologist do? He/she allow people space to talk. A space that is safe to initiate genuine communication, one has to create space for people to let out their complaints. 

Introducing the culture of communication sessions in the organization is a great step to solve problems and conflicts before they emerge on a bigger scale.

Such communication sessions can be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis as required by the organization according to its people. 

Explain to Them Why You're Choosing Them to Perform Certain Tasks

When the boss assigns tasks to employees they often believe that this is the requirement of the job they are performing, and it is the reason they will be paid. If they work with this idea up their head the result, they will generate is just a duty, not something done by heart. Instead of the boss while assigning the task to an employee gives them recognition and mention that they can do it effectively as compared to other then for sure the quality of the work will be fascinating. For example, use words like “The task can be carried out responsibly by just you” or “I believe in you” etc.

Listen to Understand, Not Answer

How many times have you listened to people complaining that nobody listens to them? It is a hard reality that is not faced by many. While in an argument or in a conversation people do not listen to the next person. They either complain, talk about themselves or listen to the answer.

Being the manager, one must listen not just to answer the problem and wave it off with a shake of the head but listen to the problem genuinely and try to solve it. Avoid the mistake of just listening to someone complain to answer it only. It will cause them to create a further barrier between you and them.

Develop Adhesiveness Among Them

Make them think that the organization is like a family, where people participate to help others grow along with themselves. Introduce activities like teamwork, sports event and communication sessions.

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Identify Weakness & Strengths

Communication is the key when one knows what areas to work on. Communication should always be constructive and for the things to be constructive one should know where the next person lags.

A leader should talk to his followers and try to identify where the construction needs to be done. Say if a person is suffering from a certain condition and go to the doctor, he/she always diagnose the problem first and then recommend the medicine for it. Similarly, the leader is like a doctor who has to identify the area in the next person where the problem lies.

Watch the Tone

Always keep check of the nerves and the tone. If one does not tend to sit and understand what the next person is going through and talk them through it with patience, then it is better to give it a break. Using the wrong tone at the wrong moment will once again end one up against barriers stronger than before therefore one must act accordingly.

Appreciate & Compliment Them

Another step to practice effective communication is to appreciate them for even the little things they are doing. This way they will learn to trust and if they have any problem in the future, they will always come to someone they will identify as a friend. This is a great initiative to introduce empathy among members and gain trust.

Use Contemporary Communication Tools

As the world is growing with every passing second, it is also necessary doe the organization to grow at the same time or they will not be able to compete in the market or with their competitors.

One must change with the changing environment. Use contemporary tools for effective communication and the least errors. For example, use email, use Microsoft office, use presentations in meetings et cetera.

Let’s Be Clear

Often during conversations, the main reason why people end up making mistakes is that they do not properly understand what the next person is trying to say. Therefore, think of the pupils next to you like children and then talk to them when it comes to giving out instructions. This will sound irritating but believe me it works and would help you save a lot of time and energy.