NYC Luggage storage


Travelling is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your senses. It also includes adventure, peace, and fun.

But the fun and excitement get doubled if the place is New York. There must be more than a short trip to see this beautiful place. You need to find some good time to explore this dream country for many people.

Along with this double excitement comes the responsibility factor. The responsibility of taking care of the luggage. This beautiful city has many rules and regulations to maintain decorum. One of the rules is about carrying luggage from one place to another and storing the luggage at storage places. The baggage may be protected from further use while travelling if appropriately kept. Therefore the way luggage is stored plays a vital role in its safety. A travel hack is simply to know where to store luggage. If traveling to NYC, check out this luggage storage guide to know where to drop off your bags while discovering the city. 

Need for a luggage storage facility

If you are a traveller looking forward to getting away from the burden of luggage for some time, or are you planning to visit some museum where no luggage policy is followed? 

There may be a chance that your flight lands before the hotel's check-in time or you check out from the hotel at midday, but having your flight at night leaves you ample time to explore the city.

Chances are that you can leave your luggage at the hotel before check-in or after checkout, but sometimes those options are either unavailable or too expensive. Also, carrying a row of bags while exploring the city is like a nightmare.

In that case, a reliable, best, and cheap luggage storage facility becomes the need of the hour.

The NYC Luggage storage Guide is a platform that gives you accurate details about the luggage storage providers that are best, cheap, and most flexible on-demand.

Points covered under the NYC Luggage Storage Guide

Luggage Hero

After observing several brands offering luggage storage facilities, we compared all the factors contributing to convenience, like how safe your luggage is and how easy it is to use the website/app, etc. and much more, to find the best service provider for you. And finally, we found Luggage Hero on the top.

Baggage stations near the busiest NYC stations

  • Times Square
  • Grand Central
  • Herald Square
  • Union Square
  • Penn station
  • Port Authority Bus terminal

Luggage storage around the NYC subway

The New York systems operate in 4 out of 5 boroughs. They are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. If you want to go out of NYC, you must take a commuter train. The boroughs are often used as a direction of travel.”
  • Trains travelling towards Manhattan are Manhattan-bound trains
  • Trains travelling towards Queens are Queens-bound trains
  • Trains travelling to Brooklyn are Brooklyn-bound trains
  • Trains travelling to the Bronx are Bronx-bound trains.
You can get all the details of how, where, and how much you can use the luggage facility by visiting the website. Going through the NYC luggage storage guide about the best, cheapest, and most flexible luggage storage service provider. This will save you time as you can browse and explore various luggage storage providers anywhere you want and save you money.

Some must place to visit in New York.

Statue of Liberty- This beautiful monument is one of the giant statues in the world, having a height of 152 feet and weight 450,000 pounds. Do you know it is a gift given by France to America? The statue symbolizes freedom and the greatest icons of America.
  • Times Square is a bustling square with theatres, cinemas, and electric billboards.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge is also one of the attractions and landmarks in New York City.
  • Rockefeller Center -This 70-story Art-Deco skyscraper is a shopping mall having a spectacular view of indoor and outdoor spaces. It is located in the middle of Manhattan.
  • Broadway and Theatre district- Shubert Alley is one of the most popular alleys in the Theater District, and two of the most popular Playhouses in the District are the Shubert at 221 west 44th street and the Booth at 22 west 45th street. There are many Broadway theatres in the theatre district along with Broadway streets that show the latest Broadway shows and glorious classics, so you will have plenty to choose from.
  • Metropolitan Museum of arts- This is another attraction having a vast collection of arms and armour, photographs, American decorative arts, musical instruments, costumes, Egyptian art, and many more. This museum organizes exhibitions, and with the help of these exhibitions, the art and the famous works of the people are exposed to the public.

Besides this, the city has a lot more to explore.

If you are planning to travel to the city of the Statue of liberty, especially for the first time, make sure to read this NYC luggage storage guide and save your money and time in this expensive city.

Also, if you have plans to go to London, the 2020 London storage guide will help you track all the luggage storage service providers and save you time and money.