SEO advertising aims at enhancing your visibility, bringing in more traffic and business for you. There are two sides to SEO advertising and both are vital.
  • The first focuses on optimizing the website and making it visible in organic searches. This is a long-term instrument and it takes time, patience and the services of a good agency to get it done. The right SEO strategies applied by the agency you hire usually bear fruit in a period of 6-12 months. The results, however, last long providing a lucrative return on investment.
  • The second is to supplement your efforts by PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. It gets you some quick traffic in the shortest possible time when implemented professionally. Together these two are called the dynamic duo of marketing, which works as a powerful couple.
  • By implementing both together, you attack the same problem with two different approaches, but the goal is the same, which is to increase online traffic.

In PPC, unlike organic, the traffic comes fast. However, you need to pay for it as PPC (as the name suggests) stands for Pay-Per-Click. Basically, in this, you are paying for the advertising space that you are using for placing your targeted keywords. Every PPC service aims to throw a great paid search campaign generating high-quality traffic that lands on the desired page with good conversion rates. It sounds easy, but a lot of SEO is involved in creating an effective paid ad campaign. It is always recommended to hire a best and highly professional SEO Company for it. They can plan and execute it properly keeping in mind the PPC advertising tips.

This includes:

  • Choose the right bid strategy keeping the goals in mind.
  • Approach the right audience at the right time. It applies to both B2B and B2C.
  • Use AdWords option for rotating the ads as this ensures the best optimization.
  • Target the audience based on geography.
  • Adjust the frequency of ads on various screens based on location, time and the manner in which people conduct web searches.

Mobile advertising has emerged as a powerful medium to connect with your potential audience and establish a brand name and trust. The landing page where you are directing your users through a mobile ad should also be mobile-friendly or the whole purpose will get defeated if the landing page doesn’t open up properly on mobile.

The whole idea of SEO advertising is to drive relevant traffic to the website, which then results in sales or conversions and leads to growth in business. To make it happen, you should always hire a professional best SEO company like Techmagnate, that know how to make use of traditional display ads and mobile ads on various social platforms effectively. Research indicates that the click-through rate of mobile ads is almost double that of traditional ads on social circuits. This killer combination of social media and mobile advertising is what you aim for to grow your business through SEO advertising.