Moisture analyzers are extremely important for food, pharmaceuticals or the chemicals sector. Recently, the trend for using digital moisture analyzers has been on the rise. Using the traditional drying over methods is a thing of the past. 

Precise moisture content assurance is a fundamental part of the work process in numerous businesses, among them the food, pharmaceuticals and synthetic compounds sectors, and assumes a key job in guaranteeing the quality of an item. The conventional drying technique utilizing a drying broiler is tedious and very lengthy, driving numerous users to use moisture analyzers

With such a significant number of various moisture analyzers available, how would you know which moisture analyzer is the correct one for your necessities? Contrasting particulars of each product is significant, however, picking the correct moisture analyzer for your particular use goes past this. Buying online makes the choosing process even harder. You have to determine what are only marketing strategies and what features you require from a moisture analyzer.

We realize that it can be a very daunting process to choose the best one. We have picked one of our favorite moisture analyzers, the Mettler he73 moisture analyzer which will fulfil all your needs and requirements.
How does a Moisture Analyzer work?
A moisture analyzer uses the Loss on Drying(LOD) method. The moisture analyzer measures the sample and then heats the sample to dry it. Afterward, it measures the dried sample. The weight of the dried sample is subtracted from the initial sample weight. Moisture content is then calculated using the different weights of the sample.
Benefits of a moisture analyzer

A moisture analyzer will tell you the exact percentage of the moisture content in the environment. Additionally, it will also show other data besides the percentage of the moisture content. It can show you the time when the measurement was taken and the material being tested as well.

Compared to an analogue meter, digital meters are more precise and will tell you an average reading. Also, it can show a lot more information than a traditional device.

With these moisture analyzers, you don’t have to worry about accidental breakage. In contrast, if an analogue meter takes a hit, the needle may stop working rendering the service useless.

One of the major reasons why users should use moisture analyzers is so that the products meet all the highest standards of quality. Especially for farmers, it is very important that the crop they plan to harvest has all the required qualities to make an optimal profit.
Why invest in the Mettler h73 moisture analyzer?
One of the best moisture analyzers on the market, the Mettler h73 moisture analyzer is highly effective and very easy-to-use. Integrated with screen assistance, even the most inexperienced users can use it with great use. 

Furthermore, it comes with a detailed set of instructions that will help you install it in a couple of minutes. You won't have a problem reading the results with the LCD backlit display. All you need to do is choose the samples that you want to measure for its moisture content. Spread them out on the weighing pan and press start to get an accurate reading.