While television is changed lives of many people for better, the method of watching sports has been revolutionized by TV. Now, you don’t have to be inside a physical stadium to watch a football match. This is a great luxury, as there are no ticket and travel expenses, and you can watch matches being played anywhere on the go.

Although you can watch all the sports on TV, watching football matches is the best experience. Here are 5 reasons why football is the best sport to watch on Television.

Jam-Packed Bars
Match day bars is the best thing that television has done to football. You can get together with your depends and other fans of the same team in a local bar, and enjoy the match alongside other fans.

Visiting a bar on a match day can help you find lots of other like-minded people. All you have to do is to wear the Jersey of your team, and you’ll start attracting people who like the same team as you do.

So, one of the better places to be in a football match is inside a nearby bar.

You Can Watch Every Single Game
One of the best things that TV can help you with is that you can watch all the matches being played in a league. This isn’t possible at all if you’re try to travel to every different location and stadium to watch the matches physically. Everyone has his own work routine and social life to maintain.

Especially, if you have 1 favorite team to follow, you can watch all of the home and away matches, even the ones being played at night can be recorded and watched the next day, or whenever you’re free.

Classy Commentary
There are many famous football leagues that you can choose from, and every one of them has great commentators that keep you entertained as the match goes on. Thanks to them, even a blind person can understand what’s going on in the match.

Commentary isn’t a thing that you can enjoy exclusively when inside the stadium, so, consider enjoying the matches at home.

Sports Betting
If you didn’t know about sports betting a lot earlier, then this is the time you install a Betting Odds App to speculate, bet and win on the matches you happen to have some knowledge of. Betting is a great time killer, and you can allocate a small budget to bet on some football matches, and make some extra bucks. Just remember that you can lose too, so, bet only on the money that you’re willing to lose.

You can also use sports betting as a way to make even a boring match very interesting. For example, if you’re watching a match in which your favorite team isn’t playing, you can bet some money by speculating an outcome, and this will increase your concentration on the match. This is a great way to spend your extra time.

The Commercials Are Great Too
Yes, commercials have nothing to do with the game of football, but they are actually kind of entertaining too. You can watch the commercials when nothing is being done in the match. This isn’t a thing available to the fans sitting inside the stadium, as they have to sit straight and wait for that boring time to pass.

Football has some of the best commercials, and many of them include your favorite players too. These are also a great way to find new products that you might like. So, stop hating commercials, because they’re filling the boring time and are actually keeping you entertained.