Having a website for any kind of business today has become a mark of a positive impression. Because anyone thinking of buying some product or service tends to run an online search first and foremost. Or if they have already known about your business, they still would go online to get the confidence to pay for it. So having a website is not an extra effort; it is one of the many requirements for a business.

What else is necessary is a mobile business application. Again, this needs to be there for rendering the business functions and activities. For an eCommerce business, it is like another side of the coin to have a mCommerce, because nowadays, anyone who wants to buy anything would prefer it from a mobile app. It is easy and convenient for them.

Now, with a website and an app, you need an ideal payment system to collect payments quickly and without delay. It is so convenient to provide the payment option on the website or app itself so that you can give out the product or services as soon as you get the payment, creating an excellent customer service experience.

For the customer's confidence and trust, the payment system is highly required to be reputed. If the business is new, this becomes an added advantage because the customer can only trust a new online business with a mark of security.

PayKun Payment Gateway integration is the ideal website and/or application payment solution. It can be integrated into the form of eCommerce checkout or the payment button too.

Why is PayKun considered to be the right one?

It is an excellent option for Indian businesses. Its ease of access and affordable and cost-effective characteristics would suit any business. It is a suitable payment partner for startups, SMEs, large enterprises, etc. Many businesses can register on PayKun, for example, freelancers, bloggers, eCommerce, etc. Some of the other features are mentioned below-

Multiple Payment Methods

It is a payment gateway service provider, which means it provides multiple payment method options for the customers to pay. PayKun supports 120+ payment methods, including debit cards, credit cards, wallets, net banking, UPI/BHIM, etc. It ensures the customer gets their preferred payment option and does not drop off at the checkout page. PayKun provides the highest successful transaction rate. It has a responsive support team to solve its clients' and their customers' queries and issues through chat, email, and calls. 


The funds transferred and the sensitive data included to make the transaction is all passed in an encrypted manner. It follows the highest level of security standards. It is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and follows AES encryption standards. Also, it is a highly secured gateway and impossible for fraudsters to hack or steal. Also, it is a highly secured gateway and impossible for fraudsters to hack or steal.

Lowest per Transaction Fee

Above all, it charges among the lowest transaction charges in the market and is considered among the cheapest payment gateways in India. A per-transaction fee is charged, so you pay only if the gateway is used. There are no setup fees or maintenance fees charged. Also, there is a guaranteed zero hidden fee.

Smart Merchant Dashboard

It would also provide a merchant dashboard to administer and manage your online transactions processed through PayKun. You can issue Refunds, view and manage the settlements, view downloadable reports for all purposes, add and manage the customers, etc. These are manageable with one and only source, the dashboard itself.

How to set up the payment gateway on your website/app?

It is straightforward to add PayKun to your website or app. It has ready plugins and SDKs for platforms such as PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Ruby, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc. These integration kits are the ready codings that need to be added with no technical knowledge reindent 

The plugins and technical knowledge requirement and also the technical documentation to guide you on the integration process. Still, if you need help, the PayKun technical team provides free integration services after the merchant account is activated.

So before going to the integration part, you must register with PayKun with the basic details and documents. You require only the essential documents and the bank account to which you would like the settlements to be credited. These details and documents will be verified, and the version activated as soon as possible. 

Test Mode Feature

Before you decide to register with the details and documents required. Try the test payment first. This can be done from the merchant dashboard even if not activated. You can start the Sandbox account, and with just the test mode process and the test API encryption key, you can easily access the test payments.

You may integrate the PayKun Payment Gateway by signing up now!