Mobile Apps

Today, people are making their mobile devices an extension of their lives, especially their bodies because they carry them anywhere they go. People are more into this device every day because of the many features that it brings to the table like entertainment, communication, and a lot more things. 

With that, you can’t blame people because smartphones can link to other people in this world and make our lives easier. With this generation’s technology, so many apps can help us achieve our objectives. 

These apps include games, videos and photo editing, social media, organizer, and more. Developers also release many apps daily; most are free to download, and some are not. It’s always up to us how we manage those apps and where we use them. So here are some mobile apps that can be useful to you.


InShot is an app that helps you make and edit videos more straightforwardly and conveniently. It allows you to add filters, speed up, crop, and trim your videos. InShot aims to enhance and put that magical final touch on the videos you want to upload.

If you are a person who favors simplicity in the content of videos, then this might be the perfect app for you. It has great editing tools, and its interface is quite beautiful. That said, this is the right app for a person who wants to start their video editing journey quickly. And if you're going to have more knowledge and know the full capabilities of this app, check out how to use inshot app.


While InShot is a great video editing app, Instagram is also the perfect app where you can post your beautifully edited videos. Instagram is quite popular, and it has millions of monthly active subscribers. This app lets you post photos and short video clips to your profile.

If you are going to post something, you can also post it captions and add hashtags and geotags so that people can easily see it. It is a perfect app to display videos and photos of your recent travel or journey. You can also connect with other users by following each other’s profiles. 

The people who want to connect with are called “followers.” You can also choose to have a public or private profile. Once you pick a private account, you can filter your followers.

Google Keep

It is an app to organize some of your things, and you can download Google Keep on your Android and iOS devices for free. Google Keep is here the whole time, and it’s a great help for individuals who wants to quickly create and save their lists and notes and retrieve those files via different gadgets or devices.

And to wrap it up, Google Keep is only an app that works as a notepad, but you can connect it to your Google Drive, and it is where you save your voice notes, text notes, checklists, files, photos, videos, and more that you are allowed to sync to other devices, and also your cloud.


The apps on this list are helpful apps that we can use every day. There are way more apps, and new apps are out in the market each day. While options are everywhere, always choose the apps that can assist and remind you to finish your tasks and will be able to help you reach your daily objectives.