If you have some expensive jewelry of gold or diamond, and you have lost it. You know very well how stressful it is to find it, you start to crawl at every corner or search every place because you know the value of your jewelry.

Here we discuss some useful tips to get back your lost jewelry.

1. If you lost your jewelry in the home

If you think that your ring, earring or any other jewelry has been lost in your home. To find it just follow these steps.
  1. Firstly clean your bed, or change your bed sheet, it probably happens that your ring has fallen in your bed or under your bed sheet or bed when you were sleeping.
  2. Clean up your room very carefully especially in the corners or under your furniture, it often happens that small things fall and by our walk step it goes under the furniture.
  3. Check into your dustbin or trash box.
  4. If you went to your kitchen at that time, there will be some chance that where you were working, your finger ring had slept from your hand there. Carefully check at each area where you were working before losing your ring.
  5. Check in to your washroom, especially in the sink, drain or in the bathtub, maybe your ring has fallen there.
  6. Ask every member of your family if they might get your ring and put in a safe place or they will help you in finding the lost ring.
  7. If you still haven't got your item, try vacuuming in your room, so that it can suck up your ring.
2. If you lose your jewelry outside your home or at a public place

If you lose your ring outside your home, this will be difficult to find but not too much. You can find it with a little struggle.
  1. First, check in your car carefully on each side. At the dashboard, at the seat, under the seat and interior carpet. Be careful when you are searching in your car, your rin g might be in any corner or under your seat or any other places where you cannot see clearly, so the use of torchlight is beneficial because diamonds have a high refractive index which means it reflects light that helps you in finding your ring.
  2. Search in the garage carefully maybe, when you were entering the car your ring fell there.
  3. From where you are coming, try to go back there. Trace your steps and look at every place.
  4. Ask the people nearby you. Might they help you.
  5. Ask the police for help.
  6. Make a lost and found ad( with the reward of returning your lost item, and your contact info mentioned on it), from the near shop, so that if anyone gets your ring can contact you. Never give the address of your home to anyone, remember to call them at a public place; park or restaurant. 
  7. Use the best metal detector to find gold.
3. If you lose your ring in your office
If you lost your ring in your office and have no idea where it fell.
  1. Search in your table, In your drawer or in the dustbin.
  2. Try to clean up your table.
  3. Ask your coworker for help.
  4. Trace your steps back and search the ring.
These all are some basic steps to find your lost jewelry. If you are still unable to find your jewelry, Get insurance for your jewelry, so that next time you will have a better option to recover your loss.