visiting Beijing

Are you planning to visit Beijing, so before going to visit a few things you must keep in your mind for having a memorable, enjoyable and fantastic visit? It may be noted that I’m writing my own experience of a Beijing visit. I departed from Beijing via flight from Beijing to Singapore and then singapore to phuket flights.

First of all, let us know about Beijing

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and formerly known as Peking. It’s known as the world’s most populous capital city and located in North China.

This City is equipped with luxurious Palaces, Parks, gardens, tombs, walls & gates, and Temples. It has seven UNESCO World Heritage sites i.e. Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Parts of Great Wall & Grand Canal and Zhoukoudian. The main tourist attraction is in Siheyuan and Hutongs.

But it’s advisable to prepare well and plan your trips and note down the places which you want to visit so that you can enjoy the fullest.

Below are some points which you must keep in your mind before visiting

1. Use of Social Media

In China Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google have restricted usage. So, you need to Install We Chat and VPN before boarding your Flight and do it in advance. This is because so that you can be connected with your loved ones.

2. Use of Payment Method

You can pay your bills with cash also, but if you are not habitual of keeping cash then you can pay your bills via Digital Cash thorough Digital Payment wallet which includes WeChat Pay and Alipay. These two Digital platforms are used across China and I believe these tricks will make your trips fantastic. It will be convenient for your payment of Bills, Shopping and Purchasing Tickets. It is easy to use and download.

3. Use of Subway

In Beijing, Subway is used for traveling, because it is cost-effective and convenient for moving from one place to another. Subway is easy to navigate and cheap. As Beijing is a populous city, during peak hours there would be a great rush, the resultant would be late for reaching your visiting place. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to always carry your passport at all times because the Security check is robust and strong there. Security checks are prevalent across Beijing. It is said during peak hours it’s advisable to use Subway because the subway will take less time than driving. Beijing Subway is the busiest in the country because most of the country people use it daily.

4. Use of Google Map

You need to understand wholly google Maps; it’ll guide you properly on your trip there. You can look out for your hotel for living, restaurants for having food and other related help. By the way, it’s said Hutongs are the best place to stay.

5. Usage of Language

Generally, Chinese People love to speak the ‘Mandarin’ language for everyday communication. It’s advisable to remember some local phrases and common words so that you can have an impact on people coming in contact with you. It would result in a good impression. By the way, if it’s possible then use their local language, otherwise Dear English go on!!! You can use the English language for interpersonal communication. If you have any problem regarding the language you can hire a tour guide who will assist you in getting tickets and visiting the location of Beijing. Google translators can also help you.

6. Connectivity to airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is about one or one and a half-hour drive from the city. You can easily reach the city there and return from the city to your place. Please keep in mind avoid driving during peak hours, because traffic could get you late, in that case, you can use the subway. I also used these techniques during my journey from Beijing to Singapore and then Singapore to Phuket.

7. Proper Packing

As China experiences four seasons, so you need to pack accordingly. China is massive 3.7 million square miles massive- so depending on when and where to visit, you may have to pack for both warm and cold weather.

Its Northern region is cooler than the south region. The travelers heading to the Forbidden City and uneven grounds of the great wall of China should pack a comfortable pack of walking shoes. While visiting Temples, It’s advisable to have a scarf or shawl that covers your shoulders.

And at last Best tourist place Forbidden Palace and Tiananmen. the incredibly beautiful parks, Places like Jingshan Park and the temple of heaven. I hope you will enjoy my journey from Beijing to Singapore and then Singapore to Phuket.