The funeral tribute gifts are objects that help remind the recently deceased loved one and pay a personal tribute. One such tribute is funeral, memorial cards. Here's all that you must know about these. 

What Are Funeral Memorial Cards?

The funeral reminders are stamps or rectangular cut cards that, besides the details of the deceased, contain some condolence phrase and prayer to pray for the departed soul. 

Usually, these reminders are given to those attending the funeral in memory of the deceased or when a few days after the people who participated in the funeral mass.

What Is It Like?

Funeral memorial cards usually have a standard shape and measurements, rectangular with a fold in the center. In this way, a diptych is created whose faces are all printable. 

At the physical object level, the face that acts as the cover has some religious decoration. The right inner front of the diptych is personalized with the data of the deceased in the form of text. However, some companies offer the option of including a customized image that the family as a cover to create a more genuine stamp in honor of the deceased. This is one of the most used funeral memorial cards ideas nowadays. 

The funeral reminder cards are an essential part of a funeral program. Most of the funeral companies that organize the funeral take care of it. 

What Is Usually Put On Them? What To Write?

What is usually put in a funeral memorial card is the most relevant information of the deceased, such as his or her full name, date of death, and age at the time of death. Also, you can include a commemorative phrase, pray for the soul of the deceased in the form of a prayer or some comfort detail written by the family. Anyway, if you need guidance, you can take advice from the funeral home. They can help you with all kinds of details. 

Examples Of Phrases For Funeral Reminders

Below you can get some phrases for common funeral reminders: 
"Don't be sad, I don't deserve the least bit of your tears. If you have to do something for me, I ask you to continue the legacy of happiness, honesty and work that I started as a man and that I am now undertaking from the sacred height of the divine"

"Now that God has called you to be by your side, we can only remember the exemplary of your actions, your great animosity, your charism; nothing was more important to you than to spread a smile on others. Therefore, from this plane, we will always be remembering you and wishing you to be happy next to our Creator."

"When the Lord calls us, there is no turning back. The decision has been made by him and we must respect it. The pain they leave is inevitable but let us take with joy to know that even though it is no longer present in the body, the memory will always live in our hearts. Let's raise a prayer to heaven and let him rest in peace."

"Despite his young age, we have had to face his departure when he still had a life ahead of him, and that is something that no one can explain to him. Life gives us surprises that we never imagined like this but we think that the Lord has had a reason to do so. Let's remember him as the little angel that he was, and that illuminated our lives while he was with us. May God have him in his glory."

Short Phrases For Deceased

Below, if you wish, we also leave you a series of short and easy to remember phrases for the deceased :

"You are no longer by my side, but I feel you as close as ever."
"I say goodbye to you for life, even if my whole life keeps thinking about you."
"Goodbye friend, this is not goodbye, it is a see you later. We will meet again."
"As long as I live, you too will live forever in my memory."

Lastly, you can add any other lines or phrases to make it more personalized. Stay tuned to this blog for more posts like this!