In your gym, you see a fellow finishing his workout, wiping his perspiration, and opening a bottle of what seems like mineral water and slugs from it. You read the label, and it says
Alkaline water. You have so far only heard of mineral water and detox water. What is this new alkaline water or basic water, and where to buy alkaline water- you ask the gym-mate.

In simple terms, alkaline water is packed water with more alkali content than regular tap water. In the US, arguably, the daily drinking water from the kitchen tap is healthy enough. Then why do you need this Alkaline-rich water or saline water?

This alkali-treated water has a high pH level, and that means more hydrogen ion content in the water. It means this high alkali content can neutralize the acid in your body. The acid content in your body does not just exist in your blood but also gets in when you overeat rich gravies and curries. The high acid levels in blood levels can cause damage to the heart and even cancers—the alkaline water packs in a host of other benefits that we shall elaborate on now.

Which is more Beneficial– Regular Water or Alkaline Water?

Many brands are popularizing this alkaline water, and if you enter a supermarket, on looking at the stands and you realize the hundreds of brands that exist. Bottled mineral water, natural springs water, and others exist already. What prompted the rise of this new type of water in the block.

If you trace the history, you will realize the saline water or the alkaline water has been around since 2013. It is just now in recent times that the trend picked up, and now everyone is aware of it. 

Drinking regular water is always refreshing after a hot day in the sun. Moreover, you can prepare any food with it. The availability of regular faucet water is also not a problem. Those hitting the gym will need something to replenish their lost energy. They may be draining out their calories and even other minerals through the sweat as they work out. This is where the regular water is going to be of use. Alkaline water will do more than just replenishing water content in the body.

The regular water is, however, only risky in case if water has some extra adulteration or contamination happening in it. Then going for alkaline water is going to be helpful. From reducing the loss of bone density to helping the body lose toxins, the alkaline water surely is more beneficial.

Hydrogen-rich water has a little more hydrogen to free the molecules to be more useful to the body. The hydrogen in molecular form fights with the free radicals in the body and protects the cells from oxidative stress.

Another condition that alkaline water shows its efficacy is on the skin. The alkaline water replenishes and hydrates the skin so much that you don’t have issues like dry or flaky skin. Hydrated skin is a sign of good health. Talking of health, people who work out often claim to be exhausted after the exercises. They may feel like drinking something to quench their thirst while believing the water to revive their tired body.

Trying the alkaline water to soothe the post-workout exhaustion will show you a better energy. After the workout, the blood’s pH level might drop, causing the blood cells not to transport sufficient oxygen. The body becomes more acidic, and the blood cells do not transmit oxygen. This alkaline water worked better than the regular purified water from your purifier. The blood flows more efficiently.

Today athletes are asking “where to buy alkaline water?” because they know this water boosts bone strength. The reason could be the high presence of magnesium and calcium. Another benefit is the burning of more calories all day, whether you are working or sleeping. Many assume the alkaline water causes weight loss. They probably have taken this metabolism boost as a method for losing weight. There is no proven result to testify the same, and once this gets the visible result, we can see a rise in the number of takers of this alkaline water.

Nevertheless, controlling blood sugar and blood pressure levels is vital at all times, and the saline water helps in doing the same.

Daily Use or Occasionally Drink?

Of course, people are drinking alkaline water every time they feel the urge to drink water. Major brands are coming up with the best bottled water because there is no harm in consuming this regularly. People are claiming the antioxidant properties that are essential in fighting against the aging process. It has given the water a special reverence among the users. 

Talking about the quantity of water consumption, many experts in this industry claim around 8 to 10 glasses of alkaline water can save the day. This water is useful in case your tap water has lead or other such contaminants in it. There are naysayers and people who doubt the use of this water. They may even urge you to make this water at home with a few DIY methods. For those seeking ready to use ways, the stores are already full of these lined up.

The ionization of this essential water is more scientific than regular water. The alkaline water is an entirely new trend since this water is gaining popularity in the fitness industry. Considering this, the Alkaline water is going to stay here in the market for some time now. People are claiming it helps them stay fit, energized, and gives them muscle and bone strength too. This is why all sized bottled alkaline or regular water, as they say, is available everywhere. You don’t have to ask now where to buy alkaline water anymore because it is probably right in your local grocery store.

Take a sip of the alkaline water and stay energetic!