Champagne is best known as a celebratory drink, so turning it into a cocktail makes every party unique. While champagne may be a bit pricey, other sparkling wines can be used in its place.

Aside from the drinks, food plays a vital role in parties. But food should pair well, so the main liquor ingredient - sparkling wines - should be considered when choosing a dish to pair with the sparkling cocktail.

We chose a short cocktail for each variety and one-finger food that will pair well with these cocktails, considering the origin and the sweetness or dryness of the sparkling wine used in the sample cocktail and the overall flavor of the cocktail. When finding the best cocktails near me, try the combination of dried orange, rosemary, and other signature and classic cocktails accompanied by your favorite snack. Cocktails are heavenly when sourced from fresh fruit, herbs, and florals.


Prosecco is a white wine that can be sparkling (spumante), semi-sparkling (frizzante), and still (tranquillo). Prosecco is also a town in the district of Veneto, and it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019 because of the success of the wine in the international market.

Peach Bellini is made with pureed peach and lemon juice, and Prosecco.

The crostini is an Italian appetizer that pairs well with Prosecco, seeing that they both cater to the Italian palate. Topped with a slice of brie, Parma apple slices, prosciutto, and pecans and drizzled with honey.


A sparkling wine from Spain that may be white or rosé. It is made from Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarel-lo grape varieties. It is known to be inspired by wines in Champagne, France. The first sparkling wine in Spain was created in 1872 by Josep Raventós.

Make cranberry syrup by heating up water, sugar, and cranberries. You can also use store-bought cranberry juice, but nothing compares to homemade cranberry syrup. Strain this and top it with Cava to make this Cranberry Cava Cocktail.

Tapas is a Spanish savory or sweet appetizer or snack. No definite single ingredient can be identifiable as a tapas ingredient. It can be bread, fish, shrimp, mushrooms, cheese, etc. Here, our tapas are made of grilled French bread and topped with tuna egg salad.


Champagne is a sparkling wine that can only be produced in the Champagne region in France. It is made from Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay.

One good champagne cocktail is Apple Cider Mimosa.

Crispy but tender squid rings pair well with champagne cocktails. Spiced with Cajun spice and dusted with flour to keep it together while preventing it from sinking. The rings are then deep-fried and sprinkled with salt and pepper before serving. Serve with sweet ginger chili sauce, spicy sriracha aioli, and cocktail sauce.

These shortbread cookies make for an exciting and unexpected pairing for champagne cocktails, especially those that use brut or extra brut varieties. The sweetness of the cookies evens out the bitterness of the cocktail.


Known as Rosada among the Spanish, rosé is a French pink wine. It is made of black-skinned grapes, and instead of removing it, the black skin is allowed to remain in the fermenting grape juice for 2-24 hours, resulting in a lightly colored sparkling wine.

Peach Rosito is made by slightly muddling together 1 chopped peach, mint, sugar, and lime juice. Rum and rosé wine is then added to it.

This goes well with the Peach Rosito with its herby, fruity flavor. It is also straightforward to make. Just puree the fresh basil with olive oil. Skewer the sliced cantaloupes, mozzarella balls, and Serrano ham.


Another sparkling wine from France, Cremant is also an excellent alternative to cocktail recipes for champagne. This is more affordable than Champagne; it is usually sold at almost half the price of a good champagne. It can be white or rosé.

Selbach is made with orange curacao, bourbon, and Angostura bitters and topped with Cremant. Any sparkling wine can be used in it, though.

Gougeres, or French cheese puffs, is a savory and spicy appetizer. Best served while warm so the crust remains crispy and the cheese filling. The crust is like Mexican churros, but chives and grated cheese are added to the dough. Brush with egg wash and top with grated Parmesan cheese. These are then baked in a 200-degree Celcius oven for 25 minutes.


Sekt is Germany’s contribution to the sparkling wines of the world. It was created at the beginning of the 19th century. It is produced by Germany’s oldest sparkling wine producer, the Sektkelleri Kessler, thus the name Sekt.

Rossini Sekt Cocktail is made with muddled strawberries and topped with Sekt. It is so easy you can do it in less than 2 minutes.

Depending on the type, dry or extra dry Sekt pairs well with spicy and savory foods. The sweet variety of the Sekt, the more popular flavor, pairs well with sweet foods and cheeses. This cheese platter is filled with camembert and brie, some crackers, pretzels, chocolate squares, and a cheesy dip. A few chocolate-coated strawberries also go well with sweet cocktails.

Baked camembert is easy to make and complements the cheese platter well. Spice up the camembert with a garlic clove and a tablespoon of thyme, then drizzle with olive oil. Bake it in a 180-degree Celcius oven for 15 minutes. Served with some toasted baguette.


Drinks and food are party essentials and should be considered well. Unless you are an experienced bartender with enough experience with the liquor profile and a comprehensive dish profile, putting together a haphazard spread with your sparkling cocktails may spell disaster.

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