TikTok videos

TikTok is an ingenious app that lets you create and share lip-syncing videos or short video clips. The app is so popular around the world that many people use it regularly. Millions of users install this app every day and use it on average for an hour a day to watch short videos. Many users buy TikTok views to get most of this platform. There are many functions that TikTok offers, but nobody knows about them. That is why we have put together a complete guide for TikTok so that you can enjoy the app to the fullest.

Upload video from your gallery

If you don't want to upload a new video using the app, you can also upload a video from your mobile phone. Simply open the app on your phone to upload a new video. Next, tap on "Upload" to choose your video. If you want, you can upload multiple videos at once. Now you can adjust the speed and video duration. Tap "Next" again to insert filters and tap "Next" again to post your videos.

Save a video from other users.

Do you want to save a video from other users? So you can watch it again and again, even if you have an internet connection. Open the video you want to save and tap the share button. Then you have the option to share the video. If the video is downloaded with a watermark, you can easily remove it.

Delete video

Have you ever wondered if you can delete a video you've already posted? This is quite possible, and you can upload a new video immediately afterward. Just navigate to the video you want to delete and click on the three dots than on delete.

Create lip sync video

One of the main functions of TikTok is to create lip synchronization videos. But that's not always easy. Tap on the scissors symbol, right in the program. Then you can also set which part of the song you want to synchronize. Repeat the process with your own video when you have recorded it.

Use another user's song.

Maybe you want to use another user's song to make your own lip sync video. This is very easy. Start by recording your own video first. To do this, click the camera button and start recording immediately. There are many TikTok editing programs you can use to beautify your video.

Create a duet video

You can use this app to record a video with your friends or relatives and pretend that you are miles apart. You don't have to record your videos separately and then synchronize them afterward. You can simply use the duet function in the app to record your duet in a few seconds. Just open the video you want to do a duet with and tap on parts and duet. Then the recording can begin.

Record a video automatically.

It's super convenient to record a video without having to press the red button all the time. You can do this by activating the timer. With this function, the recording starts automatically as soon as the countdown has ended. Simply open the app and navigate to the side to start recording. Here you can see the button for the countdown. Tap on it and just start the countdown.


TikTok has so many functions that you can use. If you are not yet familiar with all of them, we hope that this guide has been helpful for TikTok. Now you can get started and make your own TikTok video. If you know of any other functions that we have not listed here, please share them with us in the comments. We are looking forward to your feedback!