Via Katasiana

Are you among those people who think that house renovation stands right for interiors only?

Have you not spent a dime on your house’s exterior for years?

If yes, then this is the moment where it all changes. The outside of your home makes the first impression on the visitors. Have you not heard of the adage: the first impression is the last? 

Other than guests, prettifying the exteriors help you to improve the overall house look and increases the resale value. Above all, it makes you feel good every time you come home. 

While deciding on what exactly needs to be changed in your home’s exterior can be a daunting task, the key is to balance the style of your home’s interior and exterior. Try keeping the same look, so that the newly-renovated exterior doesn’t look out of place. Here are some nifty ideas to add charm to your home’s exterior: 

Improve Your Windows

An instant way of bringing a noticeable change is by replacing your existing windows.  It can drastically change the overall look of your house.

Windows are considered as “the eyes of the house.” As you see through your eyes, the same goes for your windows. So they should never be taken for granted and must be properly maintained.
Windows comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. It is important to consider the weather pattern in your areas to make the best choice regarding the material of the windows. This is why I suggest you go for something that doesn’t only look elegant but is secure as well. 

Tweak the Finish

New paint can uplift the look of your house. It should be your first consideration when changing the exterior of your house.

The external paints need to be thicker and more resistant than interior paints as it faces all kinds of weather. Therefore, you should not only choose an elegant shade, but also, you have to go for the one that offers the best protection in all kinds of weather.

To pick the correct paint or cladding, get yourself a wide range of samples, and make sure you examine them at different times of the day. It is because changes in light can change the appearance of each color.

Change the Doors

How impressive are houses with slick front doors?

To smitten your guest at the very first glance, have a picturesque exterior door. The first thing anyone coming to your home will notice is your main door. The exterior door can complement the look of your house or act as a bold point of contrast.

So, if you want an immediate impact, change the style of your front door. You can also replace your door to match the look of the rest of your neighborhood or to stand out from others. 

When it comes to exterior door styles, an endless array of choices are there to choose from. This can seem like a daunting task when you are not sure what you want precisely. You can go for a crafted wooden front door to enhance the appeal of your home. 

So first, make your mind as to how you have imagined your front door to be. Choose a different style or go with the trend of your neighborhood. Regardless of what you select, you should ensure the safety of your house by deciding on a secure door. 

Redo your Driveway

If you’re lucky enough to own a driveway, then a perfect way of transforming the appearance of your house exterior is to give your driveway a nice revamp.

Make no mistake; driveways are a very important feature in the exterior of your house. If it doesn’t sit well with your overall house scheme, it could be dragging down your house’s appeal. Not only the beauty factor, but a cratered driveway poses a threat of serious injury to your family, especially kids. 
Therefore, it is important to maintain your driveway. Gravel is a staple favorite amongst many for various obvious reasons.

Using gravel to floor your driveway is an economical option, unlike other landscaping options like concrete. Moreover, its noise is easily detectable, which is a hindrance to intruders. Also, it works as a drainage system and absorbs water to save your home from flooding.

Choose the Right Roof

Choosing the right roof for your house is not an easy decision. There are a lot of factors that go into making the correct choice. Some types of roofing may suit more to your house exterior than others. You also need to take into consideration different factors, such as the slope and strength of the framing.

Weather is the biggest factor when you’re considering changing roofing. The specs of a roof in a warmer region would be different from a region where the temperature is mostly cold.

Also, there are many guidelines that you must follow during the installation to improve their resistance to fire or wind. One suggestion is to seek professional help from roofing companies. They can plan out efficient replacement and maintenance programs for you.

For example, if you live in Dallas and want to know about professional roofing companies in the area, you can simply search “residential and commercial roof repair dallas.” The search will give you results for the best roofing companies to choose from. 

Lighting is Key

When it comes to bringing charm to the exterior, lighting is key. It can add a definition to the front of your home. Again, keep the overall style of your house in mind before you choose to light for the front area.


If you have a traditional looking house, you could hang some traditional lanterns. A modern home can be better lit up with motion-sensor wall lights that can give a beautiful uplift to its exterior. 

Final Words

It goes without saying that your house’s exterior matters as much as the interior. I feel it matters a little more because it gives the first impression of your house. It is also something that defines your style. So make sure you follow the tips shared above to bring charm to the exterior of your home. Happy Renovating.