birthday cake

Cakes are of utmost importance when it is about making the birthday celebration special and worth remembering for a lifetime. But, picking up any cake for the birthday celebration of your loved ones is not something that anyone wants and that is why; every birthday cake has to be unique and different. There are some ingredients that need to be kept in mind and checked when it is about picking up the one. The list includes the design of the cake, shape of the cake, theme of the cake, size of the cake, and above all the flavor of the cake.

In every month or two, the trend of cakes keeps on changing as some time before the trend was of theme cakes. But, one thing that still plays a crucial role is the flavor of the cake. When you will step in the market or check online stores, you will come across a plethora of options to choose from.

To make this task a little bit simple and easy, a list is given below that contains the top 10 amazing cake flavors and types that will surely make the birthday celebration more amazing and fun. So, without wasting any more time, let us get started with the list given below:

1. Red Velvet Cake

What else can be a better option to make the birthday celebration special for someone you love the most other than the gorgeous, beautiful, divine, gleaming red delight i.e. a Red velvet cake? Of course, nothing as being the beautiful layered cake fused with amazing flavors. From taste to the texture everything about this cake can melt the hearts and can make birthday more special.

2. Chocolate Cake

With layers of chocolate, soft & moistened bread, creamy base, and topped with some more chocolate on the top; chocolate cakes are one of the most popular and widely preferred cake flavors for every occasion. This cake flavor is something for which no one can say no. So, if you are also celebrating the birthday of a chocolate lover, then chocolate cake is the one worth considering.

3. Butterscotch Cake

After the delicious and lip-smacking chocolate cake, drag yourself to the aisles of another amazing cake flavor i.e. Butterscotch. This flavor can be a new one for many but this is also a fact that this cake variety will not disappoint you for sure. Comes with a creamy, moist, and soft base loaded with the goodness of freshly whipped & delicious butterscotch cream; this cake will surely be the ultimate star of the occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the one for your loved ones.

4. Black Forest Cake

Now, for all the chocolate lovers in the family and friend circle, there is one more amazing option to drool over in the chocolate family. Yes, you guessed it right this time! IT is none other than a delicious and delectable black forest cake. From kids to teens to parents and a few of the oldies as well; this cake flavor has a separate fan base and that is why; is it one of the most common & special birthday cake.

5. Pineapple Cake

A cake fused with the tangy, fresh, zesty, and reviving flavors is the one that will be a little bit different experiment and full of efforts to make the birthday celebration not-so-common and more special. All these amazing talks were about Pineapple cake. Remember that sour and a bit crispy taste of pineapple slice? Tastes amazingly refreshing, no? With the same flavors fused with a creamy base with the goodness of pineapple will turned out to be the best birthday cake ever for sure.

6. Strawberry Cake

Well, not describing genders here but usually Strawberry flavor is the most favorite one of girls or maybe of all the females out there. So, without describing its taste and characteristics, just get this one if you are searching for a special cake for the birthday celebration of your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, or mother as you cannot doubt their choice.

7. Vanilla Cake

After Butterscotch cake, you must be thinking of vanilla flavor for sure and if it is so, then you are thinking it right as Vanilla cakes are also one of the most common and popular birthday cakes that revive the summery vibe that is the favorite of many. So, if you are looking for some unique loaded with amazing taste, then a Vanilla cake is your easy-to-go option for sure.

8. Coffee Cake

In the aisles of chocolate and ice-cream cakes, there is one more option that is gaining popularity nowadays and it is none other than flavorful coffee cake. For the one who just loves to dive into the amazing and strong aroma of coffee beans, this cake will undoubtedly be the best birthday gift for such a person. Instead of filter coffer, send a coffee cake as online gifts and your wish be the most amazing one for sure.

9. Blueberry Cake

Blueberry cake- yet another different & unique but tasty cake option for the birthday celebration that will not only become the favorite of birthday boy or girl but will also leave no chance in impressing the guests at the party with its divine flavors. So, get this amazing cake and let the party begin.

10. Personalized Cakes

Still, confused about the flavors and searching for something unique and expressive to make the birthday celebration of your loved ones special? Well, there is one more option for you to go with and it is none other than a personalized cake. Talking about flavors, this cake can be customized in any flavor and any shape from the heart-shaped one to the oval one to the square and rectangular ones as well. You just need to get a memorable and cute photograph that you want to attach with your cake and your amazingly beautiful cake is all set.

Now, with this big list of delicious, lip-smacking, divine, and flavourful cakes is here from which you can choose anyone for the birthday celebration and without any doubt, these cakes are going to take the celebration to another level with their taste. You can also send cakes online across India and the whole world with the same intact flavors and good quality from This is an online store where people can buy online birthday gifts and cakes and can make the birthday special for the dear ones residing far away. also check Traditions Which Are Followed on Birthday by Different Countries!!