Birthday is the milestone which surely needs a grand celebration. It is the day on which the boy or girl who has a birthday get the undivided attention of the people and wish by everyone. It is a beautiful day worth celebrating. Do you know that all the countries don’t have the same birthday celebration as in India?

Online cake delivery in Pune or other places are done by Indian for their dear ones to wish them their big day, places are decorated and cake is cut, it is how Indian people celebrate the special occasion like a birthday.

Let’s know how the birthday is celebrated in other countries. Have a look at how interesting traditions are followed in various countries-

1. Birthday celebration in Jamaica

In this country, people wish their loved ones on their special day by throwing flour on them. It is the tradition there that family, friend and other near and dear ones on birthday play with the flour with birthday boy or girl. To make it more interesting, they wet the birthday boy or girl after throwing flour on him/her, so that it is difficult for the birthday person to get rid of.

2. Charming birthday’s celebration in Brazil

Brazil is known for its lovable birthday celebration. On the occasion of the birthday, the place is decorated with beautiful flowers, papers, banners and other eye-catchy items. The table on which birthday cake is kept is fully dedicated to a variety of sweets and other scrumptious desserts. In addition to this, here the first piece of cake is feed to the most important person in the house or person who is most important to birth’s boy or girl.

3. Unique birthday celebration in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its unique birthday celebration. Here, everybody celebrates their birthday on the day of New Year’s Day. According to them, you should share your birthday with the nation’s people. That’s why; all people celebrate their birthday on the day of New Year. Also, on this day, children are treated specially and they get money from their elder ones. Parents and other elder ones give the money in a red envelope called Li Xi which means lucky money.

4. Birthday celebration in Ireland

In Ireland, on the occasion of birthday, a get- together of family and friends is organized and bumping to the birthday child is done. It is a unique and wonderful kind of celebration for the birthday is done there. Also, here if the birthday child turns to 21 years old, then parents give the house Key and signifying him/her as an independent adult.

5. Birthday celebration in Hungry

In Hungary, on the day of the birthday, ears of the birthday girl or boy are pulled by their dear ones and they sing, “God bless you, live so long so your ears reach your ankles". Funny? Yes, it is funny but they celebrate a birthday like this. Also, there, birthdays are celebrated according to the name days and most of their names are associated with a certain day each year. On birthdays, liquor is given to men, flowers are given to women and children are treated with sweets and chocolates.


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