At, you will come across all types of jewelry and thus, it is good to know about them before you decide which one you will settle for. The value of diamonds is based on four criteria; cut, color, carat, and clarity. Color is normally graded from colorless to yellow. The cut is the way the diamond is fashioned. Clarity is all about the flawlessness of the diamond, while the carat is its weight. 

The weight of the diamond might be described as fractional or decimal parts of the carat. A fraction might be a representation of a range of weights. If when you are purchasing the diamond its weight is stated in a fraction of a carat, the retail needs to disclose to you two things: it is not an exact weight and that, the range of weight, which is reasonable for each fraction or the tolerance of weight is what is being used in this case

To be sure that you are making the right purchase, you need to follow the below guidelines:

  • You need to take time to educate yourself about diamonds so that you will understand its best value and why it is so.
  • When you are discussing the grades in relation to diamonds with a salesperson, you have to ask them who does the grading for them, what experience and education that the particular person has and what other guarantees in regard to grading are they offering you. Seeking for a second opinion might just be necessary.
  • When you are viewing a diamond piece, never use a black background. Black is known to change the perception of the eye in regard to color. Ensure that you have viewed the diamond using a magnification and you should be sure of whatever you are trying to view.
  • Ensure to do a shop comparison before you decide on your final decision. You have to know the way to evaluate the four Cs: Carat weight, clarity, color, and cut.
  • Ask the salesperson about the way the diamond has been treated. Diamonds can be laser-treated or fracture-filled to ensure that there is an improvement in their appearance.
  • Due to the fact that you are going to invest a lot of money in the piece of diamond, you are purchasing, ensure that everything is done in writing. An appraisal or a sales receipt with the diamond quality listed might be a consideration of a contract and that could be your only way of proving that the quality of your diamond is exactly what you have been told.
  • You have to read all the guarantees and warranties before you purchase your diamond.
  • Ask for a replacement cost certificate or a listing of appraisal which has the qualities of the diamond you have purchased so that it can accompany your receipt.
  • In case the diamond that you have purchased comes with a gemological certificate, then you have to be sure to get one that is original. This together with your receipt should be kept safely for future use.