Electric Vehicles

If you are a new car buyer, an electric car might be a mystery to you and that is why MyEv.online shares with you a few key principles that you should know. The following are some of the things that you should know about electric cars:

How Do Electric Cars Work?

As you check out electric cars for sale in San Diego, there are few things to check out. Firstly let's discuss how it works. They work in the same way as gasoline cars with an exception of them being powered by a battery that is rechargeable instead of having a combustion engine. 

Another notable difference is the braking system which is regenerative, a feature that helps to charge the battery when you are braking. Regen is a process to capture the momentum of the vehicle and turn it into electricity that powers the motor.

Electric cars feature also an idle off that turns the vehicle off when it comes to a stop. It helps in reducing the amount of energy which is wasted by the car. While it has features that ensure that there is an extension of the life of the battery, you will have to recharge at the end of it all. Most of the electric cars which are currently in the market will require you to recharge the battery between 100 and 150 miles.

Where Can You Charge Your Electric Car?

You are free to charge the battery at home or use a charging point available in public places. The easiest way is to charge at home as you will be able to do it overnight and thus no need to worry about being near a point for charging.

All-electric cars are equipped with a cable for charging which can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. While it might be the option which is the easiest, you will need to install a dedicated charging point at your house so that you are sure that the current wiring will handle your battery charging needs while at home.

It might take you around six to eight hours for the electric cars in the 100 miles range but with a dedicated charging point, it might take an even shorter time. Though it is expensive to set up the charging station at home, it is worth the money.

Are Electric Cars More Expensive As Compared To Normal Cars?

If you are answering the above question by strictly looking at sticker prices, then the electric cars are damn expensive. This is due to the fact that the cost of producing and sourcing for lithium batteries is very high.

Depending on the type of model you settle for, they can range between $24,000 to $44,000 with models that are more premium going for $120,000. It is unlikely that you will get a cheap model but the reduction in cost will come with the upkeep and running costs which are at a low.

What Is The Cost Of Fueling?

Compared to filling up at the station and charging an electric car at home, this is where you are going to save money with your electric car.