Buying Life Insurance

Universal whole life insurance for senior citizens comes with extra clauses due to their age, health and pre-existing conditions. Although pre-existing conditions may delay the loan application process, they won’t be rejected. Here are some tips and tricks to work your way through the loan application for seniors. The process will be smooth if you choose the right company, the right agent, and the right policy.

Need for Life Insurance for Seniors

Life insurance is needed for people of all ages. It acts as a safety net for the family and loved ones in case any unexpected calamity strikes the insured person.

Insurance is more affordable at a younger age than at an older one as there will be no pre-existing conditions. But unfortunately, many people decide to take insurance only as they become older and when they have deteriorating health. As age is more, the insurance rates will also be high. But that doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. There are specific life insurance policies for seniors.

There are various reasons why life insurance is needed after 50 years of age:
  • To ensure that your dependents are not financially burdened after your demise. If a spouse or a child who is not yet financially independent is left behind, a life insurance policy can come to their rescue.
  • Another reason for holding a life insurance policy in your later years is that its net worth is high and it is a good way to save taxes.
  • Tips for choosing the right Senior Citizen Life Insurance
  • There are a few crucial factors to consider before choosing the insurance policy for seniors.

Spend Time for Research

The older you are, your life insurance becomes high risk. In this scenario, it is better to do enough groundwork and not to rush to choose your Life insurance policy. You must research all your available options, compare them and arrange for the relevant documents. Research must be done about the following terms of insurance:


You must choose a policy with the advanced age of entry. Many companies provide insurance policies for people between 60-80 years of age. It also makes more sense to purchase a policy that offers coverage for a longer period. For seniors, it is better to renew the policy rather than buy new ones.

Insured Amount and Premium:

Check and verify the amount insured with the policy and what the will be premium. You must decide if you want to go with a high premium policy or a high coverage policy.

Pre-existing condition: Buying life insurance with a pre-existing health condition has separate rules and regulations. Being aware of those is important.

Other Clauses:

Check the terms and conditions of the insurance policy for any special clauses or exceptions.

Employ a Knowledgeable Agent

A good and trustworthy insurance agent like harris insurance will give you the right information and guide you in the process of policy purchase. He can either be a broker or an independent agent. These agents will usually be able to provide you quotes from various providers that you can compare.

The agent can provide suggestions on the insurance providers that will give you optimal coverage with the lowest premium based on your current health conditions.

If you have a particular medical condition you are concerned about, then look for an agent who specialises in policies for this condition.

Be Honest about your Health Condition

It is very important to be truthful and give all the information about your health condition to your provider or your agent. Whatever decision the agent takes will be based on the information that you provide.

Disclose all details about your health condition, ailments, surgeries, treatments or medications to your agent so that he can make an informed decision.

Acquire Quotes from Various Providers and Compare them

Use your insurance agent’s skill or websites and Compare Life Insurance policies to shop for the policy of your choice. This will be possible only if you get quotes from multiple companies. You will know how each insurance provider treats your health condition differently.

Choose the Policy Type that is right for you

After your research and information collection phase, it is the step to choose the policy that is the right fit for you. Because of your health condition, your choice of policy may be limited. You may not be eligible for a full life term policy.

If you are eligible, then you need to supply various documents like medical details, background, prescription, and undergo a medical exam as well.

Do your Medical Check-Up if Necessary

For a life insurance policy above 60 years of age, a medical checkup is compulsory. The premium rates are also reduced for people who complete the medical examination. This is because the lesser the knowledge about you, the greater the premium charged from the company to indemnify the risks.

Normally, people with pre-existing conditions will need to take a medical exam to reduce their rates. If you do not take the exam for some reason, you will still be offered the policy but at a higher cost.

Have an Open Communication with your Physician

Before the insurance company approves the policy, it needs a statement from your family physician regarding your medical history. They will also sometimes request information from all the doctors you have consulted so far.

To ensure the accuracy of this information, you will need to be open and honest to your doctor about your condition and any health issues you have. 

If you inform your doctor’s office well in advance, they will keep the paperwork ready.

Life insurance for Seniors Canada is a viable option if it is affordable. They also get tax benefits on various life insurance policies under section 80C of the income tax act. Just remember the above tips and take help from an agent if you are unsure about anything.

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