If your company is planning to have team building activities, then scavenger hunt dc might be the place to go. Team building exercises are good. To form great teams, it rarely forms naturally and creates shared experiences making it an effective way to foster teamwork and camaraderie.

When it comes to building an efficient and effective team, it is not about plastic trophies and fake activities. There are several elements which can go towards building a great team and the following which you need to know:

Prioritizing Personality Overqualification: When building a team from the ground, there is a need to consider personality overqualification. This is because you are building a team to be able to achieve a certain goal. The best person is one who has both the personality and qualifications to enable them to connect with the other members of the group and bring out results.
  • Welcome Diversity: In case you are trying tobuild a team that is innovative and creative, the worst is to place in a group of people with the same ideas. A diverse group tends to produce better results as compared to homogeneous groups.
  • No Need To Be Too Serious:Work needs to be fun to be enjoyed. When you bring humor into the place of work, there are a lot of benefits that you will get. With laughter,your heart rate will benefit, it will boost your immune system, and at the same time, relieve stress.

The truth is that the more you laugh as a team, the happier and healthier they are going to be. Humor also tends to help in boosting communication, develop group productivity, development of the goals of the group and manage the emotions.
  • Allow Flexibility As You Define Leaders And Roles: As a team, you require a structure. It is up to you on how you want to approach this and several factors will influence this including culture, size, and team goals. You might want to implement a flat structure, a hierarchical structure that is a traditional one or something in between. What is important is that it exists and it is the one that promotes action and accountability.
  • Respect: When it comes to building a great team, humor and diversity are very important. But without respect, it is hard to sustain the group. Respect tends to be a very important part of making humor and diversity in your teamwork for you and not against you. You need to create an environment where all the members of the team can understand the each other’s value and respect each other’s background, differences, and preferences in the group.
  • Have A Common And Clear Goal: When there is no common goal in the group, the team will just be a group of people. It might be a very creative group of well educated young go-getters, but it will just be a group of people. From the outset, you have to be clear about the goals of the team before you even form it.