Moisture Analyzer is a device that consists of a scale with the oven, which can heat any sample without being involved in any kind of weighing process. It helps to measure the content of the moisture test samples and also for measurement of the quantity of high vapor pressure at certain temperatures. 
The sample is heated at a given temperature so that content moisture evaporates. It can be used for various kinds of research, such as manufactured items or production testing of foods. Moisture content can not only be water. It also includes alcohol greases oils odors simply that evaporates upon heating can be moisture content.
The Moisture Analyzer consists of:
  • Heating unit
  • A halogen bulb
  • A weighing unit
  • High-performance MFR load cell with a weighing pan.


It is very simple to use to perform any measurement select pre-defined method and follow the instructions weigh any sample into the sample pan and mix it in pen and simply hit the start button. The instrument will record the wet weight of the sample after that your sample is heated by IR radiation, and then the loss in weight is recorded continuously. When moisture consistency has reached, the measurement will be stopped automatically, and the result is displayed on its screen.

It provides accurate results because of kinds of applications like plastics, wastewater, food, textile plastics, and some other applications as well. Torbal moisture analyzers low prices. Moisture Analyzers also provide choices of kinds of heating, such as Halogen & Infrared heating. It also consists of a glass free tester, which is up to two hundred temperature for dryness.
There is a different kind of Torbal Moisture Analyzers like:

  • Torbal BTS110 Precision Moisture Analyzer:

It has 0.1% readability that gives great results. It has a capacity of 110g, which is good enough for drying.

It is simple and easy to use Application.

  • Torbal ATS120 Precision Moisture Analyzer:

It has many features that make it easy to use. You can use it for a different variety of food, including grains, popcorns, bread, etc. It comes in different weights like 20 g, 5g and 100g as well. It has good measuring flexibility.

  • Torbal AGS120 250C PRO Professional Moisture Analyzer:

It is an amazing solution for moisture analysis. It consists of pans, disposable tweezers. It is great to get any measurements.

  • Torbal ATS60 Precision Moisture Analyzer:

It consists of an electromagnetic cells halogen lamp. And it is very easy to adjust temperatures.


All these Moisture Analyzers are available at very low prices. They have good storage space and maximum dying temperature. These analyzers are best to use. These analyzers are very easy to use.

These analyzers have graphical LCD, which consists of all the information and all kind of information that is required about the moisture Analyzer. These devices are developed to make the task easier for the users, and everything from hardware to software and design all these are very easy to understand.