As the second quarter of 2020 gets underway, it’s time to think about your spring wardrobe as the need for thick winter woollies becomes less urgent. As well as pulling out your lighter outfits and shorter sleeves, don’t forget to make the switch to spring wear on your feet. There are some many different types of socks that come in a huge range of styles, colours, materials and sizes. 

It really is very easy to choose exactly the right pair to go with your revitalised spring look to help you join in the fun and keep your feet looking great and feeling comfortable and cool. Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect pair. 

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Colour my world

It’s time to pack away the sensible, safe wintery shades of navy and black and go for some floral fun instead. The great outdoors is bursting into seasonal colour at this time of year, so reflect this natural beauty and add some colour to your feet. Choose from a soft, pastel palette that blends with many spring flowers, such as bluebells, primroses and lilac, or go bold with bright colours that will remind you of the tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, all coming out into full bloom. Or go green with some socks that match the vibrant spring foliage that is abundant in parks, gardens and forests across the country right now.

Spring clean your sock drawer

As many people use the excuse of a brand-new season to do a thorough clean and sort out of their home or office, so too can you take this inspiration and apply it to your footwear. Check your sock collection and get rid of any pairs that have faded, torn or shrunk in the wash. Do you have dozens of pairs in exactly the same colour? Have you been playing it safe with the same sock material for each pair you own? Cull some of these identikit pairs out and replace them with some lighter, funkier socks to help you celebrate the start of spring. Try out some new patterns, styles or even materials to widen your range.

Walking into spring

If you are looking forward to the warmer weather allowing you to get out into the open air much more, then you will need to think about the right kind of socks to wear when out for a springtime hike. Wool is great for helping to keep the feet cooler by wicking away the sweat as you walk. Conversely, cotton is less effective at this, so avoid wearing cotton socks in warmer weather if you are planning a very active day. If you are wearing hiking boots for a longer or more intense spring ramble, check in advance that your chosen socks feel comfortable inside the boots and that they won’t rub or cause blisters. Choose a smooth material, such as merino wool or bamboo for optimum smoothness. Pack a spare pair in your rucksack in case you encounter any April showers along the way, or step in any puddles by mistake.

Scaling the heights

Socks come in a wide variety of heights. This spring, you might like to opt for crew length socks to help keep your feet a little cooler while still showing off your sartorial style by allowing some of your socks to show above your shoes. They can help ward off any annoying insect bites that might affect your ankles and are a good option for wearing to work as they are smart, yet practical. Save the shorter styles for summer when you will want to show off your tanned calves and ankles.

Themes galore

Spring brings with it a whole raft of bank holidays, festivals and fun events, so why not choose some socks that reflect the theme of the day? An obvious place to start is Easter, with its associations with spring chicks, lambs and bunnies, as well as colourful eggs and floral displays. This year sees the early May Bank Holidays move to a Friday to celebrate 75 years since D-Day and the end of the Second World War in Europe. Embrace your patriotism with some Union Jack themed socks to help you put your best foot forward in this very special anniversary year.