Travel Can Help You Change Your Perspective
Travel Can Help You Change Your Perspective

Have you ever wondered why you feel so amazing when you travel? And the more you travel, the better you feel about yourself. Well, travelling can really change the way we view ourselves and the world. It introduces you to the beautiful you, to the amazing you. When you travel the first thing that you do is break the monotony of your daily life which in itself is the beginning of something new, something rejuvenating. Travelling can really give you a new perspective about people, about life. I myself have experienced changes (for the good) in my own perspective. In a fun and adventurous way, travelling has taught me some of the biggest lessons in life. When you travel you step out of your comfort zone, take on new adventures and that’s what enriches your life.

Here are a few reasons why travel changes your perspective:

1. Travel makes you flexible

Travel has really taught me to be patient and flexible in my approach. When you travel there are challenges like flight delays, taking a wrong route, lost luggage, extreme climate, food poisoning and many more. Getting from one destination to another isn’t as hunky-dory as it seems on Face book pictures. However, travel teaches you to adjust, to be more patience and to reschedule things without getting bogged down and affecting our tour. When you face such challenges and overcome them, you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It pulls us out of our comfort zone and plunges us into challenges. At times such challenges get transformed into our most amazing and memorable travel stories.

2. Travel teaches us the virtue of trust

With so many unpleasant things happening in the world, we often lose trust in people and places. Of course, one should be careful about one’s surroundings but that doesn’t mean one sees everything with doubt. There are some useful tips and trips you need to follow while planning for travelling.Travelling teaches you to believe in the goodness of strangers. We learn to brush aside the stereotype and reach a state of understanding rather than insecurity. Travel actually pushes you in the direction of trust - we ask for directions on roads, stay in a hostel with someone from a completely different culture and share our stories, ask for restaurant recommendations etc.

Well, it also teaches us to trust our own selves. Exploring a foreign market, navigating train stations without a map, planning travel itineraries of different countries, travel teaches it all. We learn to solve our problems.

3. Travel teaches you to enjoy the moment

This is one of the biggest lessons one can learn from travelling. In reality, life has to be lived on moments. I once missed a bus while travelling from one place to another on my trip. However, I thought why not explore the nearby area rather than waiting for the bus for 3 hours. And believe me, I was so enriching as I got to see a beautiful culture of a village and enjoyed a cup of tea with the warm villagers there. So, live the present, enjoy the moments and that’s what adds more value to life.

4. Travel makes you a learner

Travelling brings out the learner inside us that we once had when we were kids. We develop curiosity and ask ‘what is that?’ There is so much we can learn through travelling, the process is never- ending. We learn from might mountains, arduous paths, museums and galleries, strangers, people we meet on our journey, the culture of our host country/place. We observe, experience and learn at our own pace while travelling.

5. Travel make you more social

When you are on a long flight travelling alone, you speak with the person sitting next to you even if it’s just an introduction and sometimes it turns out to be very interesting and long-lasting. When you travel to new places, you make conversations, make new friends and get to know many people on your journey. Travel teaches us to strike conversations, sometimes even in a foreign language and that’s truly a skill we develop.

6. Travel makes you view your life with a new lens

When we travel to different places, different countries, each offering its own cultural, social and economic differences, we tend to view life from a different perspective. For example, when we travel to small places where see people happily living a simple life with so little resources, we feel grateful for what we have and learn to be happy with it.

7. Travel is good for health

Whether it is physical health or mental health, travel has its own unique role in boosting our overall health. It relaxes our body, helps release happy hormones and makes us stronger. When it comes to mental health it makes us more positive, broaden the horizon of our thinking and above all makes us happy and rejuvenated.

8. Travel helps us appreciate our home

When we get tired of the monotony at home we complain about many things but when we travel and stay away from home for few days, we miss home, we start appreciating all the good things at home. We learn to appreciate and value where we come from, the culture we belong to. We miss our loved ones and family, realize their value and feel grateful for many things in life.

9. Travel opens us to try our new experiences

Travel gives us an opportunity to explore a new world. Each time we travel to different places, explore a new country, new landscapes, new food, new culture, new languages, new adventures, we become open to new experiences in life. And this not just have an impact on us while we are travelling but even when we come back home. We become more acceptable to people, to things, to situations.

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10. Travel adds to your professional skills

Travelling teaches you acceptance, communication skills, problem -solving, flexibility, tolerance, time management, planning and decision-making skills. It all helps you in your professional life. It might help you reach where you want to be in your career.

11. Travel boasts your confidence

Travel makes you more confident by making you learn to overcome challenging situations, solve problems, plan out things, be flexible in your approach, step out of the comfort zone etc. You feel that you can mange and handle anything in this world.

12. Travel makes you popular

While travelling you meet other travellers as well as the local people and make friends. It is weird but at times we find people we meet while travelling more cooler than the ones we know back home. In fact, according to the research of the University of Colorado, people who travel are often perceived as more amazing and likable.

So what are you waiting for? Travel and get introduced to the new you, to the amazing you!

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