As an internet marketer, you want your website to rank on the top positions on the popular search engines. Indeed that will lead to increased traffic to your site, and you realize increased sales eventually. However, it’s not easy to rank highly, especially without the right tools.

Thanks to technology, new and better tools are coming up. These tools are helping in backlinking and other ways of raising the search engine ranking position. SEnuke is of the best tools that marketers all over the globe are taking advantage of. With this software, top-notch building backlinks is more comfortable and more convenient. Below, we look at the various features of these software and the prices of its packages. Please keep reading to know whether it’s worth a try or not.

What’s SEnuke TNG?

SEnuke TNG is an SEO software that was introduced in 2016. The software was designed to help in making building backlinks easier. Additionally, the tool uses crowd-sourcing to enable high search engine ranking. Many marketers are taking advantage of this tool to generate useful backlinks more comfortably.

The SEnuke TNG combines with other right strategies to boost the ranking of your content. With SEnuke TNG’s methods like proxies and keyword searches, it’s easier for your website to rank highly.

What are the Key Features?

CrowdSearcher Feature

The feature enables you to get increased traffic in your site for the keyword you wish to rank highly for. The tool simulates internet users to click your links for the keywords they are searching for on search engines. The feature also works on autopilot improving your site’s search CTR. At the same time, it significantly reduces the bounce rate.

Built-in OCR

SEnuke includes a quality optical character recognition that’s able to solve over 50 percent captchas expressly.

Intuitive and user-friendly

The upgraded version of SEnuke TNG now has a user-friendly interface. The interface makes it possible for users to navigate and use all the software’s features without difficulties.

Effective Macro Recorder

The inbuilt macro recorder helps in creating quality backlinks for your website from any other sites of your choosing. All that is done automatically; without you doing a thing.

Loop Mode

Loop mode is another fantastic feature. The feature empowers and makes it possible for your ads to keep running for as long as you want. Your campaigns will run till you choose to stop them or till your subscription has expired.

High-end Spinning Tool

This feature enables you to get content from other sources, rewrite and make them seem original and SEO-friendly. You can then use the content on your site.

Spider and Indexing Tool

This feature allows you to enjoy seamless and more comfortable link indexing. What’s more, you’ll find a free pinger feature that makes sure that your pages/links become indexed in search engines. That makes that none of your links will become waste.

What’s the SEnuke TNG Pricing?

There are two price packages for SEnuke TNG that buyers can choose from. First, the SEnuke TNG Lite for $67/month package allows you access to the standard features. These conclude the Niche Research and Premium Social Networking.

Secondly, the SEnuke TNG Pro costs $147/month. This package provides access to all the standard features as well as the premium features of the software. Premium features in this version include Crowd Search and Wizard, 30-second Turbo Wizard, Proxies, Unlimited Captcha Solving, and Diagram Designer. Both of these two packages are backed by a 7-day free trial so that buyers can purchase with confidence.

Final Thought

From the range of features that SEnuke TNG presents to its users, I think it’s worth giving it a try. The only problem with this software is that it’s expensive. Honestly, small businesses will find it hard to pay for 67$ per month for just an app. Few business owners will pay $147 per month only to access the premium features of the software. There are other tools out there that can offer similar services at a competitive price.

However, if the prices would be standardized to suit everyone, SEnuke TNG is an excellent tool for all internet marketers.