Quartz countertop Vs. Granite countertop

The debate about which countertop being the more prevalent is never going to end as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But to make the comparison of both countertops, a simpler thing to do, here is a comparison of the pros and cons of quartz countertops against the pros and cons of granite countertops.

The Aesthetic Appeal


Due to the abundant nature of granite, you can find it in the market in the shape of many different types, colors, and patterns. The famous saying among contractors and architects is that no two granite piece is the same, and that says a lot about the diversity in style and appeal.

Granite countertops can add a striking difference to the setting and appeal of your kitchen, or they can be an easy blend with the surroundings depending on the quality, type, color, and pattern you choose to install.


Even though quartz comes in a variety of different colors, quality, and types, it is nowhere near the diversity offered by granite countertops. But that can work quite well in its favor by making the selection process a lot easier.

The aesthetically pleasing nature of quartz countertops is what has made it be among the top preferences of homeowners and contractors across the country. There are numerous custom options available through which you can choose for them a look exactly how you need them to be.

Which One Is More Expensive: Quartz Or Granite?


There are many different opinions about the cost of granite, some setting the graph too high and the others too low. But according to the official statistics, the average price for the installation of granite countertops lies in the range of $2000-$4000.

Because of the diversity of qualities and designs of the granite countertops, the price fluctuation is enormous. However, it is very much possible that you get yourself the basic material from a wholesaler at a low price and work out a few drops of sweat to save money.


Just like the granite countertops, the price of quartz countertops is entirely subject to the quality and type of countertop you wish to buy. Since it is not a completely naturally occurring stone and has some additives, the installation costs can go lower than that of granite to about $1200.

But also due to styled edging and precision engineering, some qualities and types of quartz countertops can rise up and beyond $6000, which is much more expensive than granite. Unlike the granite countertops, the availability with a wholesaler is not a very likely thing either.

Which One Is More Environment-Friendly?


The extraction process of granite is mainly through quarrying, which uses up a lot of power and energy, other than that, it is not a type to be in abundance everywhere with raging superiority. The likeliness is that it will be quarried in one place and finished somewhere much further.

Going for the finely finished slabs of granite means taking into account some serious energy usage other than quarrying, the production and transportation can contribute a lot to the carbon footprint alone. The more recommended thing, however, would be to salvage material from wholesaler to fit your needs.


Quartz, on the contrary, does not have much of a variety to be offered and is quite similar in textures when brought to a comparison against granite countertops. It can be found abundantly in many regions, and hence the production emissions will be low due to lesser transportation needs.

Quartz is an engineered product and can be manufactured and finished with much more ease and lesser consumption of power over a granite countertop gives you an enhanced sense of responsibility by being the more eco-friendly option.


It is not an easy decision to make by going through a few facts in favor of or against each of the types of countertops mentioned above. You may be looking for an aesthetically pleasing option that requires low maintenance, but at the same time, you always want something that is going to last you a long time.

Sometimes, the pros and cons of the countertops types do not go well together, it is a bit of both. Which is why it is a highly personal decision that varies from person to person? 

The key to buying and installing the most ideal countertop would be that catches your gaze in the first instance, looking deeply through the rest and inquiring about the pros and cons will only alter your understanding and change your opinion.