Innovative technologies are defining the new face of the car parking business. The digital space is not going away and is open to innovations such as intelligent car parking system making its way in the advanced car parking system.

Advancements in technology offer an opportunity for car park owners to increase their revenues, parking lot management, and increase efficiency. To understand the impact of technology on parking management, here are some of the top technologies that are reshaping the car parking business.

Cashless Payments 

Money is still in use as the primary form of transaction even when some experts claim that it is nearing its twilight zone. Cashless transactions mean using zeros and ones that aim to reduce delays giving patrons value for their time. Other forms of cashless transactions include swiping credit cards with activated chips. Some of these chips have an automatic system that can help you track a particular car even when stolen. 
Automation frees up more resources allowing you to focus on core activities. Set algorithms and pre-programmed machines define actions in line with a given set of rules. Some companies use innovations such as robots to aid in packaging products on shelves.

Ideas from the manufacturing industries are finding their way into the fleet parking business. For instance, the use of automatic cars that patrol the parking space, creating an index of database, and send messages of any overstaying car to the administrators.

Use of Big Data

The advent of technology prompts the creation of devices that collect data. The information is then used to make business decisions by giving an insight into customer decisions. In the auto parking industry, big data deliver insights on the performance of the parking process. Implementation of smart systems takes over the roles of spreadsheets and human intervention common in data analysis. The speed of processing increases productivity and profitability. 
Automatic Parking Garage
Imagine a parking lot with a capacity to hold 3,000 cars fitting up to 60% more vehicles in the same space. The garage measures the height of the vehicle and uses its results to direct it to an appropriate level. Automated garages do not need any human input. 
360-degree camera
Many premium car models are equipped with this outstanding 360-degree camera. Positioned all around the vehicle, these cameras offer a comprehensive view of the surrounding. Besides, they make it easier for drive to see the parking lot perfectly and park the car safely. The driver can successfully switch between camera to clearly see what’s in the rear view and estimate how far from the curb the car is.

Remote parking tech 
This concept does away with the notion that a driver must be seated inside the car to control it and park it. Tech innovations have made possible to use an app in your smartphone to align your vehicle in the parking space. All you need to do is to alight and tap a key in your app to get the car moving. Another simple tap makes the car to stop moving. Note that this parking tech is advanced enough to ensure your car moves safely over a considerable distance.

Active parking tech 
Some cars have become capable of detecting specific road markings. Active parking tech allows your car to detect the right parking place and inform you. Don’t be surprised that this amazing tech can even stop your vehicle if there’s a chance of collision.

Innovations are changing how lot owners increase their turnover and efficiency with an improvement in management. In the world we live in today, it is only desirable that we have parking lot systems that integrate third-party applications to make parking an easy effort.