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If you are a sports person, a fan, or a coach, you must be well-aware of Zach Lowe Podcast, Waddle and Silvy podcast, baseball tonight, etc. Podcasts have become the latest trend in the sports world.

Sports have always been an integral part of an individual's life. Every individual is committed to one or another game. We all have some sportspeople as our ideal. The availability of media channels, television, radio, newspaper, and the internet has further made access to live and repeat telecasts much easier. Just one click and we can enter the world of our favorite game or even in the dressing room of our favorite team.

Sports Podcasts 

Another media channel that has been gaining popularity among fans, coaches, aspiring as well as professional players is podcasts. The podcasts are more or less like a radio show. However, with so many podcast channels available, selecting the best one becomes quite difficult.

Well, an important thing to remember is that not every sports podcast channel is worth listening to. It is always advisable to listen to a podcast whose host has the experience and knowledge about the game. In addition, make sure the podcast also helps players find ways on how to get motivated during tough matches.

For example, who could be a better host than Zach Lowe if you want to listen to an NBA podcast? Hence, the Zach Lowe podcast is worth the time of every elite or aspiring NBA player. Similarly, if you are a part of Chicago sports, then listening to Waddle and Silvy podcast is a must.

Besides the host, another factor that increases the credibility of Zach Lowe podcast and Waddle and Silvy podcast is, they are part of one of the biggest sports channels, ESPN. The podcast itself is proof that the hosts know their game inside out. Both the podcasts are a perfect combination of insightful commentary, challenging interviews, and intelligent and detailed analysis of the game by experts.

Before the Big Game 

The time before the game is very crucial for every player. Every player has his way of spending that time. Some want to be left alone; some like to discuss last-minute strategy with the team, whereas others just put their earphones and listen to music or an inspirational sports story. If you belong to the last category, then Waddle and Silvy Podcast and Zach Lowe podcast of ESPN is worth your attention.

Before the big game, the responsibility of keeping the team motivated lies with the coach. An easy way to do this is by exposing them to motivational sports podcasts. One of the most significant advantages of listening to these podcasts before the game is that they increase the motivation level of the players.

As a coach, you need to pick the right podcast from the available list of Waddle and Silvy podcast and Zach Lowe podcast and play it. It may work as a last-minute inspirational speech for your players. As we all know, higher the motivation level among the players better would be a performance on the field.

Podcasts like Waddle and Silvy podcast and Zach Lowe podcast call some of the renowned personalities of the sports world as their guest. These ex-players, coaches, etc. share their views, strategies, life incidents, and experiences. Listening to such renowned personalities would not only motivate players but may also increase their belief in themselves.

Educating Players 

Besides this, podcasts have also been proven to be an excellent way of educating players about the upcoming game. By listening to the views and discussions of the experts, players can have an idea of what can be expected out of the game. They can even plan their strategies accordingly. Any kind of information about the game is always welcome. You never know what clicks you.

Some episodes of Zach Lowe's podcast and Waddle and Silvy's podcast also focus on the importance of qualities such as teamwork and leadership in the game. Several podcasts even discuss the games where the team has won the match because of some exceptional partnership. Listening to such stories would increase the team spirit among the players.

Before the big game, the same bus journey becomes a never-ending journey.
Many times, players start feeling anxious. Spending time becomes very difficult. In such a situation, a podcast would act as a rescuer. You might not realize it, but the time will pass much faster. So, if you are going for your big NBA match, sit back, switch on the ESPN radio channel, and listen to Zach Lowe's podcast.

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Here is the list of Top 5 Sports Podcasts

Zach Lowe Podcast: Where there is a discussion on the NBA, Zach Lowe has to be there. He's one person who knows this game better than anyone else. He has spent a lifetime writing about the NBA. He shares a good reputation with players and coaches. Hence, the show gets regular visits from renowned NBA personalities. The discussions between the host and the guest are worth listening to.

Waddle and Silvy Podcast

This show is hosted by former NFL players Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman. Being former players, they are well aware of the game. Hence, it would be the right choice if you are looking for a football-based podcast.

The Bills Simon Podcast Bills Simon is known for his contribution as a sportswriter. His blogs reflect his hold on the game. He has shown his knowledge and expertise in his podcasts as well. Besides having an impressive guest list, he makes them talk about things that you might not hear on any other podcast.

Baseball Tonight If you are a baseball player, then listening to this podcast is a must. Renowned TV reporter, Buster Onley plays the role of the host in this podcast. The episodes are released regularly. The show not only covers the latest happenings of the baseball game but also features a detailed discussion about an interesting topic related to the game.
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