Not everyone enjoys the prospect of having to move in the freezing cold. Winter doesn’t always offer the ideal moving conditions; however, we’ll be telling you why it could be the best time to move and offer valuable tips for the big move.

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Great Reasons Why It Is Better To Move In Winter

The Winter months are not as busy for moving as opposed to Summer and you will find it easier to book movers, it can be cheaper, and the elevators won’t be as congested. However, here are a few things to keep in mind before booking your move. You can find professional movers in Oakland CA.

Being Flexible

Winter weather can be highly arbitrary, therefore prepare yourself for everything. Keep an eye on weather broadcasts weeks prior to the moving date. If a storm happens to move in on the day of the big move, you might have to reschedule.

Being Prepared

Moving day is hectic, therefore you must ensure everything is in place once the day arrives. Everything must be packed and ready to go before the Nashville Master movers arrives to avoid scrambling around at the last minute. Plan ahead an take your time in packing everything safely and securely to save yourself valuable time on moving day.

Preparing Your Home For Moving Out

If it starts snowing on the big day, you must do some preparation before loading out and loading the truck. Grab a snow shovel and start clearing a path from your house to where the moving truck will be parked. Sand or salt any slippery surface to avoid and slipping or fall incidents. It may lead to breakages or injury. Also think about placing a tent or tarp over the pathway to keep possessions dry. You can also place a plastic cover on the floors of your home to keep everything clean while movers are moving in and out.

Protecting Your Possessions

If it happens to rain or snow heavily on moving day, you may want to pack your possessions differently. Moving boxes can be secured by using packing tape to keep them strong enough for withstanding the rain. However, if a heavy downpour is expected, you might want to use plastic totes for moving your items instead of cardboard boxes. You can get some to rent. For artwork pieces that must be moved, you can use plastic or trash bags for wrapping them and keeping them dry. Any textiles and clothing can be packed in garbage bags as well. Fabric and wood furniture can be placed in heavy tarps or blankets for protection against light rain. Furniture must be shrink-wrapped in plastic if heavy amounts of rain is expected.

Permit Yourself Additional Time

Once the weather decides not to be cooperative, it is wise to make provision for delays. Ice, snow or heavy rain can lead to delays with travel time and will influence how long loading the truck and moving everything to the new destination will take. Permit yourself with additional time for moving as it’s always better to finish earlier than anticipated. This way you won’t be left with paying for extra time that you haven’t planned for.