Does it feel like you are in an infinite Sisyphus nightmare? Is your personal hell trivial compared to the ever-expanding universe wasteland? Do you feel that despite the lack of cosmic significance, life on Earth is still being consumed, consuming everything and coming to an end?
  1. If you often think that humans have received evil revelations lurking beyond the horizon, you may be suffering from the fear of existence.
  2. The most common form of fear of existence is an acute fear of existence (AED), a strong, insignificant feeling caused by external stimuli. I talked to Tina with AED. She told me that fear would soon strike: "It's like, you look up at the stars and think about the immense power of all this but you can still hear Donald Trump reading his tweet aloud in his head -And suddenly, you think, "Fuck it ... maybe humans really shouldn't have an incredible planet like Earth. "
  3. AED is a well-known side effect of psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin, but it can also be triggered by opening your eyes, hearing the sound of cable news, and catching your own eyes in the mirror while brushing your teeth. Tina says the AED can strike you at any time. Sometimes I go outside on a beautiful summer day, but the hot weather reminds me that all the ice sheets are melting and 30 years from now the whole city will be underwater. It makes me sad but at the same time, there is nothing really important-so maybe I should calm down and accept that we will all die in the disappointing Waterworld Apocalypse, rather than the real bad guys like Terminator. When I reminded Tina, Elon Musk's speech might be both, and sometimes she shuddered and cried.
The most common form of fear of existence is an acute fear of existence (AED), a strong, insignificant feeling caused by external stimuli.

Fortunately for Tina, most AEDs can be overcome by distraction, intoxication, shopping or holding a puppy. Tina can move on by mixing her three-in-one mocha coffee with ground Valium and a small amount of CBD oil. She said to me: "Staring at the disturbing Twitter moments on her phone, my eyes are red," I can continue to work, but I don't care if there is nothing, we are all about to die.

But not all existential dread is acute.

Chronic phobia of survival (CED) is a condition in which more and more people are struggling. Repeated exposure to the tedious boredom of every sober time has left many people wondering, "What's the point of all this bullshit? Life is really just a ridiculous, futile melodrama, never-ending until it suddenly disappears Yet?"

If you think you may be suffering from the fear of survival, try to convince yourself that there is a God who loves you instead of focusing on the cruel irony of life. For thousands of years, religion has helped millions of people avoid the trivialities of facing the human race. Don't use those thousands of years as a tiny part of the entire 1.3 billion years of living space—as long as some ancient books assure you of perfect eternity, as long as you follow simple rules such as giving up shellfish, Butt sex and tattoos.

Understanding Existential Anxiety

The concept is the same whether it is called existential anxiety, despair or anxiety: the idea that life is essentially meaningless. Our existence is meaningless because it has limits or boundaries, which means that we must all die someday.

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  1. I hope it doesn't have to happen in my time, Frodo said.
  2. Gandalf said: So it is with me, and so is all people living in such times. But it is not their decision. All we have to do is decide how to use the time given.
  3. Sometimes the world becomes quiet and only my heart is left. Therefore, you better understand its sound. Otherwise, you will never understand what it means.
  4. Some people say, 'Time can heal all wounds. I disagree. The wounds are still there. As time goes by, the thoughts protecting their sensibility are covered by scar tissue and the pain is reduced. But it will never disappear.