Today, commercial buildings and residential houses have been using solar panels to illuminate their homes and workplace. Solar panels have the same function as the power from the electrical grid, but they harness renewable energy from the sun.

Do you ever wonder how solar lights work?

Solar LED lights are considered to be one of the best and advanced lighting systems in the market. They save both energy and financial bills. Interested? Let us unravel some interesting facts on how solar lights work as we switch them on!

What Are Solar Lights?

Solar lights have panels with multiple solar cells and when they are combined, they form a solar array. Solar arrays harvest more energy and generate more electricity. Solar panels harvest energy from the sun and stores it to the cells. Each solar cell will convert the gathered energy into electricity to use in homes and commercial spaces.

The sun gives out tiny particles called photons that provide solar energy to cater to the Earth’s needs for global energy. When a photon hits a cell of the solar panel, it removes the electrons from its atoms. An electrical circuit is formed when the conductors are fastened to the negative and positive side of the cells. As the electrons flow, the solar panel generates electricity.

Rural places are using this concept by placing a solar panel into a lamp. Moreover, solar panels can power a household lighting system. Solar LED lights have the same working principle, it stores the gathered energy or converted electricity in a battery to power the lighting system.

Anatomy of a Solar Light

As the durability and efficiency of solar lights have increased their adoption, there is now a sustainable alternative to older electrical lightings. Solar LED light system is made out of solar panels, solar charge regulator, batteries, and LED light.
Solar Panel

Most solar panels are made of crystalline silicon that is a semiconductor component. The conversion of the energy to electricity. It is encapsulated with several different layers to protect its components from contaminants and moisture.


Do Solar Panels Work At Night? The answer is Yes. Energy is stored in batteries to provide power when it is needed during nighttime. It is an important component of a solar LED light. 

The battery inside a solar panel is protected with plastic or metal cases. It uses gel electrolyte technology that has a higher performance that allows the solar panel to discharge electricity even during an extreme temperature range

Charge regulator

Charge regulators have the ability to control the entire working system. Its responsibility is to protect the battery. Charge regulators need to ensure that the batteries do not overcharge, over-discharge under any circumstances to avoid battery damage. Moreover, it is the component who is in charge of regulating light, time, and protection. 

LED lights

Using LED lights is a better investment. They are convenient and cost-effective than other options. LED lights have a longer life span than conventional light bulbs. Moreover, their energy consumption is relevantly lower than the others.

Working Principle of Solar Lights

Most solar lights use LED as they are durable and provides high luminous efficiency. Solar lights have a solar charge regulator that controls the light switch. It automatically turns on the light at night time and turns off when it is day time. Some use another feature that is combined with time controllers. The time controller is set to a certain time to automatically turn on and off the switch.

Environmental Benefits of Using Solar LED Lights

It is necessary to have an idea of how solar LED lights work. The process and components of the LED lights will help us understand its working principle. Other than energy saving and increased financial returns, there are environmental benefits when using solar LED lights.

Uses a Renewable Source of Energy

Solar LED lights use solar panels and batteries to store renewable energy from the sun. It is available all throughout the day as long as the sun is out. You do not need to worry when the electricity is out.

Moreover, solar energy helps us become independent of non-renewable energy sources. Mostly non-renewable sources create most of the pollutants.

Longer Life Span

Solar lights that use LED bulbs have the most significant difference compared to other traditional lighting solutions. It has an average working hour of 100,000 hours or more. Moreover, it only needs a frequent replacement which makes it a lower maintenance cost.

LED Lights Are Safe

Unlike conventional lighting solutions, LED lights are safe to use. They do not contain mercury inside their bulbs that may result in environmental issues. Moreover, LEDs do not have UV emissions. It does not have a portion of the ultraviolet spectrum. It is reliable to illuminate objects that are sensitive to UV exposure.

Does your neighborhood need solar LED lights? What about your home? We hope we have shared relevant information that lights up an idea on using solar LED lights for your home or workspace. Using solar LED lights help you save your finances and the Earth. If you are looking for reliable manufacturers, HeiSolar Street Lights can power your community. Keep an eye on their products!