vinyl flooring

Installing new flooring can prove to be a costly affair, and you would want to get it correct the very first time you install the flooring. If you have chosen to go the vinyl flooring, you're probably wondering about the best underlayment for vinyl plank flooring. However, if your product is of good quality, then there are fewer chances that you might need the underlayment. Check out this guide to know more.

Before finalizing the vinyl sheets, it is necessary that you choose the flooring of your choice and suit it according to the existing situation of the floor. You need to make quick observations such as whether the subfloor is in great shape or not, whether it is smooth or free of flaws, whether or not the floor is level. There are times when underlayment can act as a perfect alternative for the subfloor which might not always be perfectly smooth. However, you can even find several vinyl plank designs which come with the in-built underlay and can be installed easily.

When you have figured out what kind of sub-floor it is, you would be able to make a decision as to whether or not you should go for underlayment. In case you have a concrete subfloor, then it would be a good idea to choose an underlayment. This would act as a moisture barrier and provide cushioning on the floor. This also good considering the thermal issues as it would keep your space warmer during cold nights.

In case you have a wood subfloor, you would not need a moisture barrier. However, the underlayment can provide cushion to the floor. When you are installing vinyl flooring over an existing floor, the underlayment might not be necessary in that case, but it can lead to a sound reduction to some extent.

Why is Underlayment Used?

Underlayment is often used by people when they want comfort under their foot, reduce the moisture barriers, and reduce the sound effect in the room. Comfort is one of the main reasons as no one would want to walk over concrete floors or hard surfaces which can be tough on the body. This can make a great difference for those who want comfort under their feet.

Another major factor is that of sound reduction as the underlayment helps in dampening the sound and reduces the effect of noises on the floor. Such type of flooring is perfect for installing in children’s room or even if you have neighbours living downstairs in your home.

Underlayment with the luxury plank

This particular product is extremely popular and has been used by most of the people who wish for a modern style home. These planks are engineered in a manner that they offer a distinguishing appeal. These are affordable and easy to install. Moreover, in case you are wondering about the underlayment of the plank, then you can go ahead with the same. If you are using a softer flooring, then adding an underlayment would add cushioning to the surface, making it more comfortable to put the feet.

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Luxury vinyl flooring is often designed for thin installation and can easily be used over the existing floor without raising the floor height. Moreover, because of the thinness, the existing floors would be level and smooth without any raised portions, and there would be less wear on the surface. It is best to avoid using it over the tile.

It is best to observe the flooring carefully and then choose an underlayment in order to make the right decision in this regard.