The purpose of driving is to reach the place we desire, but the process could be somehow dull. If there is some adjustment, it will be more enjoyable. With the music, the long road will not be too long, that's why the touch screen car radio is essential to every driver and passenger. Today, I'd like to talk about the use of a touch screen car radio system to make it function in the best state, bringing you the most comfortable experience ever.

Introduction to various interfaces

At present, the audio player of mainstream models is rich in the audio input, mainly including radio, CD-ROM, USB interface input, aux terminal input, SD card and Bluetooth transmission, car hard disk, etc. And some models are equipped with unique input interfaces, such as Apple's dock interface, to synchronize various data in Apple Devices.

1. Radio

Radio can be found in almost all cars, and it is also the most frequently used by most drivers. In the city, the frequency with vibrant music and the traffic frequency of broadcasting favorable road conditions are prevalent. At present, the mainstream touch screen car radio has two frequency bands, AM and FM. FM is a kind of microwave transmission with high signal quality. Still, its coverage is small, and geographical factors greatly influence it, so it is mostly used in public broadcasting. AM is a medium wave transmission, with stable signal quality and extensive coverage. However, weather conditions have much influence on it. It is generally the first choice for long-distance communication.

2.Compact disc

In addition to some commercial models, the CD-ROM should also be a basic configuration. The CD-ROM is divided into CD and DVD. The CD only contains audio, while the DVD can store audio and video. Among the numerous audio source input methods, the CD is the best in sound quality, but its capacity is small. Usually, the size of a CD is more than ten songs, even the number of discs recorded in MP3 format is no more than 100. And meanwhile, the price of the original CD is relatively high.

3. USB interface (SD card slot)

The appearance of the USB interface has changed people's habit of using it for decades. It has become the mainstream way of audio input because of its larger capacity, tracks that can be updated at any time, small size, and portability. Automobile manufacturers have also basically equipped USB interface in new models.

4. Aux terminal

Aux terminal refers to 3.5mm standard double head interface, which can connect to any audio equipment with headphone interface to car audio, including MP3, mobile phone, tablet computer, etc. Only a 3.5mm interface cable is needed to receive music from these devices and transmit it from the car horn. The sound quality is acceptable.

5. Bluetooth transmission

This is a more advanced audio input mode in the car. In the car, Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones or tablets can not only play music and video through Bluetooth but also carry out call and data synchronization, which is convenient.

Car radio tuning skills

Method 1: crush high frequency to create a bright, spatial sense, bringing the high-frequency effect without pressure. For an individual attenuation of a high rate, due to the masking fact, the low-end attenuation can highlight the excellent and spatial sense of the high-frequency segment.

Method 2: tighten the ultra-low frequency to create a refreshing and clean ultra-low frequency effect. First, tighten the sound and do not drag the mud and water. The bass will become clean and fresh after being significantly attenuated.

Method 3: thicken the medium and low frequency to create a fast and full medium and small frequency effect. Cut off the frequency band below 60 Hz, improve the low-end response speed, and increase the 160 Hz band to make the sound effect thicker and fuller.

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