With the steady rise of the national economy, more income and more time come for people to enjoy life. "Leisure work", "leisure life", and "leisure entertainment" have gradually taken up Chinese people's consciousness. The quality of life has become a focus of Chinese buyers' pursuit, and snacks have become a representative of this lifestyle.

In this leisure wave, imported snacks to China have become an indispensable part of life.

As early as 2005, the consumption of snacks in China has reached 22.58 billion yuan. Although the Chinese market is proliferating, the average expenditure per capita in China is only 16.6 grams, far lower than the consumption level of 2.6 kg per capita in developed countries.

Since the substantial increase of foreign exchange reserves, the country has increasingly encouraged domestic businesses to import to meet the needs of local consumers while reducing the trade deficit. Hencefood from all over the world has gradually landed in China, especially in the eastern coastal areas.

In this situation, imported snacks have been more and more familiar and accepted by Chinese buyers. It has become an irresistible trend that delicious and healthy imported snacks are integrated into the life of Chinese buyers.

Looking through the Chinese imported snacks market, among all the consumers, Chinese buyers living alone are the core and dominant group to consume the imported snacks. Snacks are the top one food they buy from abroad.

In the past five years, the total imported snacks market in China has grown by an average of 15% annually. It appears that the imported snacks industry has entered a golden development period in China.

Relevant experts predict that with the rising per capita consumption level in China and the increasing consumption of imported snacks, imported snacks will have a long-term and massive impact on the domestic food industry.

The imported snacks to China could be divided into these eight types: pastry, confectionery, chocolate, puff snacks, nuts & kernels, jerky, cereals & beans, fruit & vegetable snacks. Among them, fruit & vegetable snacks, nuts & kernels, cereals & beans are the imported snacks sharing the top three values.

As for the countries exporting snacks to China, Southeast Asia has occupied the largest portion. Taking Thailand and Vietnam as examples, their fruit products, nuts, egg rolls, etc. have won most Chinese buyers’ hearts and rank top in the consuming list.

Thailand, Chile, and Vietnam are mainly exporting fruit & vegetable snacks as well as nuts & kernels to China. While, Australia, the USA, and Canada are exporting cereals & beans to Chinese market. These three kinds of snack food are suitable for all ages of consumers, with high nutrition and low side-effects.

The prospect of imported snacks to China

China has a large population base and rich consumption levels. With such colossal consumption potential, the Chinese imported snacks market is brewing countless new market opportunities.

l  Young people as the primary consumers
The research shows that the single child group born in the 1980s or even 1990s will become the mainstream of the consumer market in the next decade. Influenced by western culture and lifestyle, they will change the structure of the Chinese market. Especially the imported snacks represented by fashion, high quality, and delicious food will usher in a period of ultra-high development.

l  Treat imported snacks as gifts
Because of consuming upgrading, it is not strange to treat imported snacks as a gift for its nutrition and health. What's more, it is not only high-end fashion but also contains cultural blessings. So, it is a perfect gift for parents, children, leaders, and friends, solving the problem of not knowing what to give. More and more imported snacks to China have become the first choice for gifts in the Chinese market.

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