Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to get rid of bedbugs? It will shock you to discover that these insects can survive up to a year without feeding. The probability that your hygiene is the cause of recurrence is minimal. Let’s get some facts straight about bedbugs:

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The most common species of bedbug associated with human feeds exclusively on your blood with an immature bed bug sucking blood before every skin shed. 

  • They do not fly but can move swiftly over surfaces like walls, floor or ceiling.
  • They feed at night.
  • Because of their flat body shape, they can enter your home and hide anywhere undetected.
  • High temperatures of up to 50° C kill them.

As prey, you need to device a watertight plan to defeat your enemy in this case, the bed bugs. You might have tried a dozen ways to kill them but in vain. Look no further, a few guidelines on what to do, how to them and when to do them might be the key to restoring sanity to your home. These steps work if the bugs have not infested every space in your home. If they have, consider contracting EZ Findlay Pest Control. The treatment, expertise and time needed at this level may be beyond your capacity.

Hunt them down

You are not going to need a bow and arrow. Your objective here is to find their habitat. Due to their flat body shape, they hide in the most inaccessible places. You have to search everywhere starting from your bed, pillow and beddings; furniture, coaches and curtain folds; cracks on the wall, crevices, picture frames and anywhere in between. In this exercise, you are paying attention to blood stains or the bugs themselves.

It is important to reduce clutter in your house to minimize bed bug hiding places. Once you have proven that there are bed bugs get to work. 

Clean everything and aerate your beddings

The next logical step would be to remove the things that are infested with the bugs to stop them from spreading. Use hot water to clean your fabrics and any other thing that might have been in contact with the bugs. Let the clothes soak in hot water for 30 minutes, this high heat is prone to kill the bugs. You will take it a notch higher and use a dryer to thoroughly dry your fabrics for another 30 minutes.

Put everything that you cannot clean in a transparent airtight bag and take outside. The heat outside will kill the bugs. Use a steam cleaner to clean your mattress, furniture and box spring. Ensure that the steam temperature is at least 130° C for better results. 

You can also take your beddings outside when the weather is sunny to aerate and eradicate the bugs. Doing this twice a week for 2-3 hours will go a long way in exterminating the bugs. 

This cleaning exercise will only be effective if you did a thorough hunt. With background information on which things are affected the most; you can put extra effort into cleaning them thoroughly. 

Vacuum Clean

Use a hard brush to loosen the eggs before vacuuming. When vacuuming, ensure to clean every spot in your house. Pay keen attention to the edges of the furniture, carpet, along the walls, cracks, crevices and any other area that you encountered the bugs. Once you are done, dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag in an outside bin.

Bite Proof Casing

Everything is now bug-free. In case you missed a bug or two you will have to use a bug proof cover to encase your pillow, mattress and box spring. Zip the cover all the way. This protects your bedding ensuring that the bugs starve to death and none can get in. Isolate your bed from furniture, coats, and nightstand. Remove anything that you have under the bed. This proactive approach is to reduce any chances of bed bugs crawling into your bed. And if by any chance they do, your beddings are out of reach. 

Repair wall cracks and crevices

Repair any cracks and crevices on the wall because they are bugs hiding place. Ensure your furniture does not have any cracks and they are not torn. 

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Regular Inspection

Every seven days you can do a routine check to see if there are any bugs. This helps you deal with cases of infestation before they spread and become unbearable. Better still consult pest control extremists near you for regular inspections.