Do you know which is the latest technology update that is making much hype in the industry? Well, everyone would have heard about WiFi, but LiFi is the new term that is making a buzz in the industry. 

The technology is proposed by the German physicist Harald Hass who has filed multiple patents about the same. He mentioned the technology in a TED talk related to the Visible Light Communication topic. It is similar to WiFi, but uses a light source to transmit data and is almost 100 times faster than WiFi. It is expected that LiFi technology has more potential to send & receive data as compared to WiFi. 

LiFi uses visible light as a medium to deliver high-speed communication and if utilized well, the application of it can be extended to IoT devices, in order to make tasks simple and effective. 

A brief about the history and technology:

VLC has been in talks since 2005, but this LiFi technology grabbed the attention of the public in the year 2011. Since then, much has been talked about LiFi at conferences and events and the US and China are keen to dig deep into it. 

The implementation of LiFi is similar to that of WiFi, the only difference, radio waves are replaced by visible light. Photodetectors are installed into LED bulbs that receive the light signal which is further transformed into electric signals and received back in a binary data stream.

The visible spectrum comprises infrared and near-ultraviolet waves which makes it possible to send across a high amount of information. You will be surprised to know that 1.6Gbit/s data transfer rates have been observed by using a single color LED lights. Additionally, LiFi can function using the dark light (light not visible to eyes).

It is expected that LiFi will provide better bandwidth, efficiency and shall be more secure as compared to WiFi. Also, the implementation of the same shall be less costly as compared to WiFi because it doesn’t use radiofrequency waves for data transmission. 

LiFi drives its way for the overcrowded world giving a seamless speed for data communication. Many companies seem to have an interest in the growing technology and the charts of demand are rising high. Even big giant companies like Siemens, Samsung, Airbus, Huawei, LiFi Labs, Rockwell collins and hundred others have shown deep interest in the patent application.

Since the visible light ways are restricted by the walls, the application of this technology ensures strengthen security. Only when the light bulbs illuminate, the devices are interconnected. You can find out more information about the LiFi technology on the official study pages. Are you excited to experience LiFi technology for real?

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