Loans to the unemployed are loans provided to people without full-time employment. Borrowers can use their part-time income to repay the debt. The terms of repayment and conditions are stipulated by the lender upon loan issuance.

Why Loans?

You may be wondering why you need to take quick cash loans for unemployed Philippines since you already have government benefits. Government benefits are good, but they may need to always be enough loans to give you relief, especially if the terms of repayment are not cumbersome.
  • Benefits are an added advantage, as you can use the benefits to repay your loan.
  • You can use benefits to meet regular financial needs and use loans for the unelected ones.

What If You Are Unemployed?

You are still eligible for loans. LoanStore caters to all Philippines unemployed people with lending services. All you need to do is to send us an email, and we will respond by sending a representative to you. Discuss your needs with our representative and complete the process. You will be immediately given the loan you discussed in your email.

Unemployed is a state that gets many off the course and prevents them from accessing loans, but Loan Store, a FinTech lender in the Philippines, offers special deals for the unemployed.

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Lending the unemployed does not mean that we lend money to people without income. You can only access the loans if you prove you can repay by showing other means of payment.

Many lenders need to grant unemployed loans. But at Loan Store, having worked around it for a while, we understand the struggles of the jobless Philippines, and this has given us an edge in understanding what is needed. We know unemployment is tough to deal with, and many unemployed people face much pressure. It is why we have customized deals to provide emergency cash for such people, and we offer loans that can be repaid on easy conditions. Telling us about your problems is getting them gradually out of the way. These features help us to serve you better:
  • An easy application process
  • Quick approval
  • Quick fund transfer
When we provide short-term loans to the unemployed, we aim to see them lead more enriching lives and help them attain financial freedom.

Apply For Loans Directly Without Depending On Others

Not only does unemployment affect your finances, but it also devalues it. Applying for loans would typically involve a guarantor signing the loan agreement also – that is, one who can guarantee timely repayment on the borrower's behalf. Many times, the unemployed struggle to get a guarantor, the inability of which spells doom for the loan.

At Loan Store, an unemployed can apply for loans even with bad credit without a guarantor. We have a different lending policy, and we, as a modern-age lender, ensure that we provide the best financial assistance in the best way possible. There is no need to look for anybody to depend on as a guarantor. You apply for the loan, and we approve it instantly.

The exclusion of a guarantor only applies to applicants with good credit. It also applies to unemployed people who do not have good credit. They fall into the unfortunate situation of struggling with bad credit and no jobs simultaneously, so obtaining loans is tough. We can trust their credit at Loan Store and offer loans even without a guarantor.

No More Pressures To Get A Job

Loan Store offers very flexible and friendly lending offers which make your unemployment easy on you, and if you really want unemployment to be easy on you, you should take a loan from us. Our quick cash is enough to help you sail through times of financial constraints.

Our offers do not only work for the privileged few, but we offer loan benefits in several situations. With us, borrowers:
  • Enjoy low-interest-rate loans
  • Are not coerced to pay the upfront fees
  • Have funds quickly disbursed to them without delay
  • Can have their loan approval over the phone
  • Have same-day transfer
  • Enjoy a transparent system. No surprises.

Our Services 

Our borrowers enjoy the following:

  • No documentation
  • Online and an easy loan application process
  • No requirement for a guarantor
  • Instant loan approval
  • Quick transfer of fund
  • No hidden charges.

Practical Lending Procedures

At Loan Store, we use the most practical and effective lending procedures to cushion the effect of unemployment-related financial stress. We have personalized deals that are guaranteed to make your life easier as they include flexible plans, many of which have been discussed earlier. As a FinTech lender, we guarantee funding opportunities even for people with poor credit. Our offers are quick and exciting and designed to make you comfortable. Get talking with a representative of the Loan Store to receive the financial assistance you need.