Your home or business drainage system is extremely important because it helps in removing any unwanted material and disposing of it. We may forget about our drain completely as they do their work, yet over time they can start to accumulate unwanted materials that get stuck on your drain's walls. 

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There are many reasons why your drainage may have gotten stuck or damaged such as a tree root growing and pushing against your drainage system or a clogged drain that has already begun to sag. The following are some signs that you need to keep in mind as they could cause bigger problems if left untreated:

Plants’ roots are growing and damaging your drains:

A reason that happens over time and usually one we don't think of is the growth of plants around our gutter system. Plants' roots can start growing and pushing your gutter system until it gets damaged, which of course can cause a mess in your garden or home. To keep your garden's gutter in a top-notch state you also need to take care of your garden and be sure that any buildup of leaves, roots and even dirt doesn't happen around your drains. 

Sagging drains:

Whenever your drains become clogged and with no other way to go water flow will start sagging your drains due to the pressure that is being applied. Of course, sagging drains do happen over time and get worse with the material buildup of whatever is clogging your drain, yet if left untreated this can break your drains and make a much bigger problem that what a saggy gutter already is. Be sure to always prioritize a sagged gutter as this could be happening due to some clogging around your home. 

Stuck water around your foundation:

A damaged foundation is a very big problem that can be very expensive to fix. A clogged drain may not be able to funnel out all the water and contaminants that need to be removed, this in time can start to drip out of your drains and start accumulating moisture around them. This happening over a short span of time doesn't cause any significant damage yet leaving it for long periods can cause serious problems to your home's foundation. Excess of water in an area such as ground can penetrate the soil and cause it to expand, which happens the same on your foundation and ends up damaging it in the process. Be sure to always work immediately on resolving any issue concerning the safety of your clogs or foundation. 

Be always on the lookout for slow draining or low pressure around your drains!

One of the best ways to determine whenever your drains need some cleaning is when they aren't acting as they should. Slow drainage or low water pressure around your drains means that something may be blocking the water's path. If you notice any area of your home such as a sink, bathroom or drain acting slower than usual then be sure to keep it in check and make sure they are properly cleansed. A clogged drain can cause much bigger issues than it already is if left ignored, so it is crucial you keep an eye on any drainage problem that could be developing around your home. 

Cleaning a gutter, yourself is not a bad idea because you can employ useful and safe methods such as baking soda & vinegar, pouring hot water, using a plunger or even using a bent wire coat hanger. When it comes to a damaged drain pipe you will surely need professional assistance. Changing a drain pipe or repairing a damaged one can be very difficult to do without proper equipment and if not done properly it can cause bigger problems than before. Be sure to always get professional plumbers to assist you with any hard to deal clogged drain or damaged drainage pipes to ensure a reliable and long-lasting solution. 

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At Flo-Well Drainage Kent you can always receive London's most experienced team of plumbers who can work on both unclogging and repairing any damaged drainage system. Flow-Well is available 24/7 because they know that a clogged pipe can happen at any time without prior warning, so you can always have professional drainage services at any time of the day. Dealing with a clogged pipe can be a nasty business and even dangerous if you don't know how to handle chemicals and other methods to unclog properly, so be sure to get Flow-Well’s help which assures your drains will be clean and fully functional with just a single call!